Friday, September 19, 2008


I've been tagged by to list 5 things I love, excluding family. As I pondered what topic to tackle in today's blog, after being away for nearly a week due to an Ike-forced internet fast, I decided this was a good re-entry subject.
This has been a good exercise and serves to summarize observations about myself that have surfaced over the summer as I worked through the transition from teacher to a new and unknown routine. So, in no particular order:
I love...
reading--to occupy my intellect in the act of learning/researching/finding out what's going on more than for pure enjoyment. Mike knows that when we go somewhere where there are free newspapers (restaurants, hotels, etc.) I will always pick one up and use any waiting time reading.
I do enjoy books and well written stories, but mostly listen to them in audio form. I rarely sit down with a book. However, I have always very much enjoyed reading books to anyone who will listen: children, students, husband or family as we travel.
writing--to communicate, to tell life stories, to stay in touch with people.
As a wannabe-writer I chose Psalm 26:7 as my mission statement: "That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works." (KJV)
photography--taking, sharing, arranging photos in an artistic and meaningful way. It is a form of story telling, of recording family history.
Though I do not consider myself a scrapbooker, one who goes all out with the materials and trimmings that go with the craft, I am gifted at taking a group or pile of photographs and arranging them chronologically or thematically in an artistic display. I offer my services to friends when their loved one dies and each time the result is different but the effect is impacting and positive.
Currently I am working on my parents collection. It has been like putting together a difficult puzzle, trying to reconstruct their growing up years and my own. So far I have three albums completed and probably that many more to go.
traveling--to see people more than places. I have been very privileged in my life to have had so many opportunities to travel the world and have lived for lengths of time in various countries and continents, even on a missionary ship that took us to numerous ports. However, my main desire to travel now is to visit people. The exception to that is when I travel with my husband, on our tandem vacations or road trips, then I enjoy the sights with him.
teaching--helping others grow in the enjoyment of what I am passionate about. For many years it has been the Spanish language and literature. But can also include teaching Bible truths to children in junior church and sharing knowledge with my grandchildren.

As I reflected on this list, it occurred to me that all of these passions could be the spokes of a wheel and have to do with mind, heart, soul, but the hub or center is the spirit. I would be starved if I could not engage my mind and share with people, but would be aimless and empty without Jesus and the Spirit of God at the core of my being.

Now it's your turn:


Sharon said...

5 things I love
1. paddling in a canoe down the channels of Chain of Lakes. It reminds me of what God intended creation to be.
2. Cats. They don't require much, except to be close to the human they love. They remind me that some of God's creation doesn't have much purpose except to be soft and purr.
3. Making things beautiful, whether it's painting a room or designing jewelry. Remind me that God made all that is beautiful, also He loves gems, just read Revelation
4. Air, fresh early morning air, or quiet evening air when the stars are shining
5. Making a delicious meal and seeing people enjoy it.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Aunt Rita for listing your 5 things... and you too Aunt Sharon... it is great to get to know others (especially family) just alittle more by doing this...