Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ongoing Projects

Michael, being the gifted inventor that he is, thrives on creative projects. He designed a gardening system for the solarium. We have had no luck growing things in the woods (except for daffodils and hostas!), so his busy mind came up with a hanging/rotating trough contraption.

But before he could install the garden-thing, he had to deal with the eight large double-paned windows which have become opaque, the inner film is impossible to clean. He tried taking them apart and though they did come clean with calcium-removing-chemical, they were impossible to glue back together without trapping moisture. So he had to replace all the windows and just finished that last night. In the photo you can see the difference. Now we can see our beautiful surroundings clearly! It's a good thing there is a railing or I might run right into the glass and break my nose!
The other projects are mine. The boxes of teaching stuff I could not part with are still under the spiral staircase waiting to find a home of their own. They've lived there for weeks now waiting for an office or classroom where they might be put to use. But since that is not happening I am trying to deal with a little every day...and feeling quite embarrassed about the mess.
But maybe not enough...
And as I wait for a job offer (latest interview was last week for bilingual specialist) and/or inspiration, I keep busy either writing to an unknown audience via this blog or sorting and rearranging photographs in acid-free albums. Right now the dining room table and chairs and the coffee table are covered with my parents collection of old photos and albums.
I tend to do what I enjoy and put off what I don't...like cleaning, cooking. Anyone else have that problem? Perhaps by confessing my mess you will keep me accountable to clean it up!


Elizabeth said...

I think we all suffer from putting off things we just dont enjoy doing...
I can't wait to see the pictures once you organize them and get them in photo albums. Somehow I feel like we have lost so much family history because we don't take the time to document about people, about things that have happened, things we have learned and so on.
What I find helpful when I have a project I dont really want to do is I set myself a goal. Just a thought.

rita said...

Well I made great progress--three albums!!! All because I was confined to the house waiting for the repairman and without internet or TV for three whole days, so I tatally FOCUSED on FOTOS. There are still photos laying all over the tables.
I soooooooooo agree with you. Just these three days I have learned so much as I put together the puzzle of our family history. There are still many gaps, many questions, many stories out there...
Next I will redo the one you all enjoyed but that was in bad shape. I've been to Hobby Lobby several times for supplies.
Wish you could see my work...and help me!