Sunday, September 7, 2008

Panadería, Puerto de Frutos y Pizzería

Argentina Series: Last Day

One full day and so much my hosts wanted to show me!

First, Dora took me to Raul's bakery and confitería. She very much wanted me to meet this dear brother, a very humble simple man with a big faith. On four different occasions when he was about to be robbed he cried out in the name of Jesus and the would-be thieves fled in fear and trembling. The crowd outside ran in to see what had just happened.
We went at an hour when students on lunch break were standing around enjoying a pastry in the sunshine.

Raúl gave us each a palmerita, a pastry that resembles a palm frond.
Energized by the sweet treat we continued our walk through the neighborhood and made our way to an area with many gift and craft shops and tourist attractions.
There were so many photos I wanted to share, so here is a link to an album about El Tigre, photos I took all throughout my visit.
Dora and I walked and talked for hours and I bought some gifts to take back home to family and friends.
That evening for dinner they had planned a special farewell outing to their favorite pizza place, a very family-friendly local restaurant--all you can eat pizza for $3.00 each! The waitress kept coming around with different varieties tempting us to overeat and we obliged.

On our walk back to the apartment we passed the internet cafe I had frequented throughout my stay. I invited Dora and Erni in to show them some websites, like Stephan's Ice Studio ( and Mike's robotics team ( Dora seemed to be interested but Erni appeared confused. Now, a year later, they have entered the cyber fellowship and are thrilled! They are taking computer lessons, and Erni at 80 years of age is fascinated. Both of them are so blessed by the human warmth they feel from connecting and communicating with loved ones in this way.

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