Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to School

Yes, I'm back in the classroom for a few days attending a training workshop to become certified by Lingua Lynx to conduct Reality Spanish courses to diverse groupings. To begin with I am being trained with the Spanish for healthcare curriculum, but may add on further certifications at a later date.
I am staying with my parents because the three-day training is in Warsaw. My youngest brother, Alan, is also in the class. We are very impressed with the effectiveness of the methodology and especially convinced of the need for this program which aims to build human connections using language as the bridge-
We worked hard today practicing the new techniques and will prepare and present a segment of a lesson plan tomorrow. I highly recommend the experience in whatever role applies to you! Do you speak Spanish? You can easily learn how to teach enough language to build bridges. And if you do not know the language, join a class you WILL acquire communication and cultural skills that will amaze you.
Only one problem, this revolutionary training is not available everywhere. So far only four states are represented and accredited: Nevada, Indiana, Colorado, and New Mexico. But it is growing. Check it out!

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Elizabeth said...

Very interesting... Glad to hear you get to spend some time with Grandpa and Grandma... Hope they are doing well.
Love, Lizzie