Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Argentina Series: Despedida

The day of my departure, Dora and Erni accompanied me to Eunice's place, several stations away by train. But first we had to walk to the train station, about 10 blocks away, with all my luggage. We were only a block and half away when I realized it was not going to work. We were passing a remis agency and by then I was more than willing to pay to be transported. The local taxi service is very reasonable anyway.

The train route was familiar to me by now. Those many times I enjoyed observing my fellow travelers and listening to a variety of sales pitches--people of all ages either begging or selling most anything from bread to books to socks or candy. You can see in the photo that there is room for luggage, bicycles, wheelchairs in the rear of the cars.

Eunice's apartment, where I had stayed a week years ago on a previous visit to Argentina, was now full of family. We enjoyed visiting, catching up on a wide range of subjects, as much as possible in the limited time we had.

Here Eunice is absorbed in my collection of old photos from when she was/we were young.

The visit became even more animated when Julio arrived.
Eunice had intended to take me to the airport, but my former boyfriend offered to do so as we had not seen one another yet.
And here he is taking in the same collection of old photographs.
So many memories.

So with mixed emotions I said goodbye to dear friends and safely flew back to the USA very excited about seeing my family again.

My suitcase, however, could not keep up with the customs procedures in and out of four countries so was delayed a whole week.
The frequent flyer arrangement I had obtained could take me only as far as Santos, Brazil and that via Canada! I then purchased a ticket on another airline between Brazil and Argentina.

Thus ends my memorable trip to Argentina, 2007, a gift from heaven.
In my journal I quoted a Scripture to summarize the experience:

2 Corinthians 9:13-15 (Worldwide English (New Testament)

13This gift will prove something to them. They will praise God because you obey the good news of Christ. They will praise God because you have given this gift to help them and all the others.
14They will love you and talk to God about you, because God has blessed you very much.
15Thank God for his gift so great that no words can ever tell it all!

P.S.: Now, a year later, I received news that my Borges paper will be published in the journal of the Fundación Borges, not that it matters much anymore...just God's stamp of approval and sense of humor.

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I think it's pretty cool that your paper is getting published!