Saturday, September 5, 2009

Project 365: Week 36

The Week in Review Just when I got the counter cleared, Grandpa and Malachi spread out the Lego Mindstorm.

Sunday was a big day: the grandboys had stayed overnight; I led Junior Worship (1st - 3rd grade); in the afternoon a mini reunion with my parents, two brothers, SIL and nieces; and were able to include Ivan & Kim in Argentina through Skype!

Monday another tandem date with hubby! We rode 15+ miles each way and picnicked by a pretty lake.

Another outing we enjoyed together was the opening of our friend's art exhibit. She began the project for an Illustration course and went on to complete a full-blown series of 24 prints, 24" x 36" each, inspired by the medieval playing cards, the carte di trionfi. We were so impressed with her stunningly beautiful thought-provoking interpretations.

We have become much more aware of all the art galleries and events in Muncie due to Mike's interest in pottery. This week he has been very focused on preparing for the Art Walk on the 24th, turning out several pieces daily. And the name of the new art venture is Klaytivity.
There is no end to learning and creativity, accidental results, surprises and failed attempts.
This is one of the cracked pots, but even so we've enjoyed using it. Reminds me of how God shines His light through us, defective though we are.

Much time was spent gathering excess stuff to sell at our son's rummage this whole weekend.
While I was at the sale today trying to be helpful, hubby was out on his regular Saturday morning bike ride with the Delaware Cycling Club.
DIL, Kristie, and I happened to meet up with Mike and save him a few miles (or did we deprive him of completing the 100 miles?)

More friend-time this evening, a meal with two other couples from our church community.
We are so blessed to have many opportunities for fellowship. These are only a few of all that we experienced this week.


Dena said...

Great pictures! Wow, I can't believe you ride your bikes that far...very impressive!

sara said...

so many people are into bike riding here in LR. I just have never enjoyed it so much, maybe I need to try again?

love that you had a mini reunion and that you got to skype with Kim!!! very fun!!

Kim said...

Great photos... do you have a new camera now?

With the cooler weather this summer, there were more opportunities to ride, weren't there?

You'll have to try and time your visit when we have the big International Feria de Artisanians in Cordoba so y'all can see hundreds of artists' work all in one spot. Artists mostly from Argentina but also surrounding countries. We have a few art museums and galleries too :-)

Kim said...

Geez, just realized that comment sounded like previous photos weren't good. That's not what I meant at all. I just remember you saying your camera had broken and I didn't know if you bought a new one or if you're using your cell phone.

rita said...

I only ride the tandem, that is not so hard. What is enjoyable is the togetherness, the syncronicity, the time to talk!

Yes, Mike got me another camera, a Kodak. Still getting used to it, especially the downloading and editing program. Costs the same or close to buy new or repair. But i did send in my old Elph, still under warranty!

skoots1mom said...

your tandem looks like a lot of fun
loved your pictures :)

Elizabeth said...

Mike and I had a tandem bike when we lived in Ocala... we sold it before we moved up here to GA...
Great pictures this week... you sure were busy :-)