Thursday, September 10, 2009


The Alert ServantsMark 13:34-37

The context of Mark 13 is The End.
The question is when?
The answer is: It is NOT for US to know, only Father God knows.
So, what is for US in these times? To watch, be alert, obey the Master!

For this post I was able to contact the artist himself!
And here are his comments:

"The thing that stood out to me in this passage was that the master gave each servant a specific task. What are we called to as Christ's servants? To have his heart of servanthood in washing one another's feet, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, bearing one another's burdens, etc. Hence, the basin and towel along with the cup and bread symbolizing servanthood and feeding on the bread of life and feeding others. The doorkeeper was commanded to keep alert and not to be found slumbering. How prone are we to spiritual sleepiness through neglect or sheer busyness? I chose to portray the doorkeeper late in the evening lit only by his torch with his hand on his sword keeping watch for the enemy. The "12" means midnight. The rooster crowing symbolizes a sudden jolting awake–a wakeup call to the master's imminent return. The path through the mountains symbolize the journey that the master is on as well as our spiritual journey."

Tim Yerrington has given us some soul searching questions.
I want to ask myself daily, "What are the tasks You have prepared for me today, Father God?"
Then, believe that He will establish my thoughts accordingly, and watch Him at work!

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Kim said...

How wonderful that you could actually talk to the artist!

You'd have enjoyed the cafe literario last night. We took a few photos and some video footage. Not sure if I'll be able to post any of it. We'll see how it turned out - was awfully dark in there.