Monday, September 21, 2009

Project 365: Week 38

Twos, Threes, and More

There is a proverb in Spanish "No hay dos sin tres", i.e. "When it rains it pours."
That's how this week has been. Although the saying may have a negative connotation, not so for us, all good things, but many. (It is raining right now, and that is good!)

So we celebrated 2 family birthdays--Diane's 56th last Sunday, and Kristie's 31st yesterday.

2 grandkid's sports events: Skye's football game on Tuesday, and Malachi and Elijah's soccer games the next day.

2 tandem rides: another McDate, and the Hope Ride with friends--great fun!

girls spending 2 nights here: Jessica, the TU student; and granddaughter Kayla the two days her dance lessons go late. It's fun to have them, and that gives me an opportunity to re-enforce the Spanish learning. Reminds me of another 2: the two 'tutees'.
Hard to believe Kayla will soon be 18! (BTW, I can't take credit for this photo, the daughter is responsible.)

2 successful recipes! You can't know how exciting this is. My self-esteem is very low in the area of food preparation, so my exitos are celebrated.
One was SIL's Cuban Pork Sandwiches, with some variations they served us very well as travel meals this busy week.
The other I am most thrilled about: Ropa vieja (shredded beef, I used venison). I came across a variation of this Cuban dish in the latest Hispanic magazine and wanted to try it. Son and DIL who host the Monday Night Meal have been fighting a flu virus, so I offered to bring the Old Clothes recipe and plantains, if they would prepare the rice. It was very tasty, even if I say so myself.

I finally got around to getting the 2 shots recommended after age 65: pneumonia and shingles. No photos.

Now to the Threes:
I got together with 3 friends: Monday breakfast with a dear former colleague; Tuesdays I've been taking a fellow-writer to her special treatment in Muncie. It takes two or three hours, so I had lunch with another former colleague and friend. Sooooooooooo good to share life lessons together.

Another very special 3 was the opportunity to  communicate with friends in other countries: my childhood BFF finally got her phone back, we talked for an hour; a looong online chat with my Mexican ahijada; and a great e-mail from our Basque student.

And much more...Is that what it means to be retired, really tired?

(I'm gonna get in trouble for posting this :)


Kim said...

LOL At least it wasn't a frontal view showing saliva dripping from the open mouth :-)

It does seem hard to believe Kayla will be 18! The years go by so fast.

I have my share of cooking failures, too. I made attempt #3 with the no-bake cookies and messed up AGAIN. Am I destined never to make them right?!

I've never tried the "old clothes" recipe. Is it hard? The recipes I've seen seemed difficult. Or at least more steps than I wanted to deal with... but maybe it's worth it?

I think you're probably fine with photos of family. You might give others a heads up if you plan on posting their pictures. I didn't even realize some people have a problem with it until our co-workers asked us not to post their photos, even if we don't identify them by name. They simply don't want their photos on the internet.

P.S. Those aren't my new glasses. I have to get the bridge on the new ones adjusted before I can wear them.

sara said...

I agree with Kim.....but you still might get in trouble!!! :)

I just love Kim's cuban pork recipe. I will have to try this one too.

I told my husband that I wanted Pioneer Woman's cookbook for my birthday...I love that she gives a picture for each step...I am such a visual learner!!!

Darla said...

looks like a great week! i have never had cuban food, i may have to try that sometime. sounds great!

Edie said...

Hahahah! Love that last photo!

The meal looked delicious! As for shredded beef, I love shredded beef and none of the Mexican restaurants here in TX use it in their mex dishes. I don't think tex mex is all that. Anyone can use ground beef.

I enjoyed your photos!