Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Wonderings...

Art Pilgrimage, Station # 6

This is a very different art composition, but the main problem this time is I cannot find the plaque explaining the piece and quoting the scriptural basis. I do have the title:  

Smallness to Significance
The appropriate Scripture is Matthew 13:31-32.
The assembled branches had many small bright and shiny beads and things and sitting birds. Our guide said they represented the many members that make up the community of believers.

Later...I enlarged the photo and found the plaque! The passage is Mark 4:30-32 and the artist is Deb Strahan.

What do you think?

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Kim said...

Maybe it's just because we spent a couple days in Sta. Rosa but the photos remind me of the huge parrot nests we find there with branches and twigs that have huge thorns and I get totally sidetracked in thinking about the "thorns that choke"...

Anyway, I think I get the concept but there are no leaves -- so where's the shade? Or am I being too literal? What do the beads represent? As usual, I am confused.