Monday, September 14, 2009

Project 365: Week 37

Labors of Love
Our pastor based his sermon on 1 Thessalonians 1:3--work of faith, labor of love, endurance of hope. I decided to look for examples all week and post representative photos.
The first that came to mind was Sara's Project 365! I am so grateful for her step of faith in launching and hosting our circle of bloggie friends, sticking faithfully to her commitment and lovingly commenting on each one of our contributions. (I realized, after I hastily posted my blog last week, that I had failed to link you to her site.)
Nor did I take the opportunity to expand on the last photo of Week 36. Two wonderful examples were represented in that gathering. The host couple head up the Lightrider Ministries and one of the other guests is the backbone of prayer ministries in our community. She also maintains a network called Kneemail.

Labor Day Weekend is our town festival. I think you might enjoy the many photos in this album. Friday and Saturday yard sales everywhere and fun activities and programs at the park. People come in from all over. So I escaped to Muncie and joined son and family at their rummage. Here is my favorite photo, a special Meemaw moment.  

Monday, the famous Upland Labor Day Parade again attracts the crowds. The last two years, I have found that it is much more fun to walk in the parade with the church group, hand out cups and candy, wave and talk to people, than to sit and spectate. And its better exercise too.
Another prime example of a labor of love prompted by faith, is the Monday Night Meal at #1 son's place. The food is great, an interesting learning experience, and always tasty. Anyone is welcome, the diverse crowd varies from time to time, and if the food runs out, 'Chef' (as he's been called since college before he ever went to cullinary school) calmly prepares and brings out more. He usually explains each dish and sometimes has a story to go along. It is an evening of fun and laughter, jokes, puns, stories and some serious conversation. Only eternity will reveal the countless good things that have resulted from the connecting and sharing that takes place each week.
Tuesday evening was our first ladies Bible study. I am attending for the first time and it seems many others are as well. There is an unusually large group this year. This is the book we are using. The ladies who lead the Women's Ministries are performing a labor of love.
 My friend Viola lovingly crocheted an afghan for her grandson.

Jessica is a young college student who stays here a couple nights a week while attending classes at Taylor University, and goes back home to Fort Wayne the other days.
Friday was Grandparents Day at Malachi's school. I can be more involved now, so I enjoyed another fun Meemaw moment. 
That evening we had a special farewell and birthday dinner for Upendra. He left the next day for NYC. I made SIL Kim's Cuban Pork meal.
We finished off the week at the Penrod Art Fair. HUGE. We must have stopped by 40 different pottery displays and learned a lot. 
It was fun to focus on noticing loving deeds prompted by faith. And what a difference love makes to whatever task or challenge we face.


Elizabeth said...

how do you like your Bible study book? It would be great to hear your thoughts of the book as you study it!
I can't wait to go to some fairs around here... I think for us they are coming up in October.

Kim said...

Are those Mike's pieces in the last photo?

Those are great pics of the grandkids. Too cute!

You are so busy in retirement, how did you ever have time to have a job? LOL

I find life getting busier, more things happening, less time to cruise Blogville. Doing good to hop on and post once in a while. Can't remember the last time I was able to go through my blogroll. Oh well.

Well, I need to get dressed and ready for Spanish class. Busy day ahead.