Sunday, September 27, 2009

Project 365: Week 39

Big week for the family potter!
Most of the week spent preparing for the Arts Walk on Thursday, and then a two-day pottery workshop.
So I thought I'd begin with an old photo of him by one of the sculptures at the university where I last taught-- The Potter.


At Monday night community dinner, Gina glazed some of her pieces in readiness for one last firing. She is finding her niche in carving.


Here is a glimpse of the Klaytivity's display.

Now, from all that is left, one item from the Unique Thrown Pottery will go to a reader who consistently leaves a response to Project 365 entries through Week 43 in honor of my very first tentative posting two years ago in October.

This Meemaw, also attended other family events throughout the week: Malachi's soccer game; Skye's football game (#99 is becoming quite the star--touchdowns, tackles, and more!) And even her own run/walk!
Actually, the DILs ran competitively and placed. I was discouraged by the distance, 15 K, and signed up for the 4 mile walk. If I had 'wogged' the 9 miler, I would have won first place in my age category! Oh well, next time.

Here are the three Mrs. Kochs.

Time to make the rounds and visit all the other bloggy friends in Sara's circle, then pack for my trip to Chicago to help cousin Rosie who just had bypass surgery. Don't you just love how God has prepared adventures for us to enjoy! Ephesians 2:10


Lisa said...

What a sweet picture of the three of you and what a fun way to spend some time together. I can't believe your DIL is due in Nov...she looks so tiny, but healthy, too.

You certainly stay busy...what a blessing family is. Safe travels this week!

sara said...

the pottery is beautiful!! I have always wanted to work with clay, but have not had the opportunity.

love the picture of the 3 of you!!

I love chicago!!! one of my favorite cities. have a safe trip!

Kim said...

That's a cool shot of Mike by the sculpture! The Art Walk looked so fun; was it just for exhibition or did he sell pieces too?

Will be praying for your time with Rosie. I know you'll be a blessing to her! She's such a special person and I'm so glad you are able to go help.

Get some good photos of Chicago! Her neighborhood is so fun; should be plenty of photo ops :-)

Edie said...

I love the pottery. That's an art I would like to try but I don't think I would be very good at.

Love the 3 Mrs Kochs.

☼Karen☼ said...

I don't think you can really say I "placed" unless you add that I placed LAST.

Elizabeth said...

I love Uncle Mike's pottery creations...
Kristie is so cute in the picture of the three of you...when is she due?