Sunday, October 4, 2009

Project 365: Week 40


Sunday I set off for the big city. I spent the night in Indianapolis with my friend and consuegra (co-MIL), and early the next morning boarded the train for Chicago.

Before I get into that part of my story, let me remind you ALL now, in case you fail to read this post to the end, that I am  having a giveaway, it began last week. One item from Klaytivity's Unique Thrown Pottery will go to a reader who consistently leaves a response to Project 365 entries through Week 43 in honor of my very first tentative posting two years ago in October.

With that out of the way, and as a smooth segue into my story, let me show you how the two gift pieces I chose for the homes visited, fit so beautifully with their decor.

The little aqua carved candle holder blends perfectly with D's shabby chic furnishings.
And the blue and gray more rustic one amazingly matches cousin Rosie's pottery collection and dining room colors.


Rosie had only been home for an hour or so when I arrived, and was looking great only six days after open heart surgery. This was the first of many delightful meals or tea times. The lit candle fittingly represents the warmth of our rekindled girlhood friendship. We could have talked non-stop, except that Rosie had to rest, pace herself, and very slowly deal with her responsibilities as professor at MBI.

When she felt up to it, she e-mailed, answered the phone, or sat in bed grading papers or reading mail, always accompanied by faithful fluffy companion--Huckleberry Wadsworth.


Meanwhile, I occupied a corner on the opposite end of the apartment where I spent many happy hours reading and responding to blogs and e-mails, when I wasn't having fun discovering the store of food in freezer and fridge and preparing something interesting for our enjoyment.

Rosie was ordered to take a couple shorts walks every day. I delighted in exploring the neighborhood and hearing many stories. Lake Michigan is a few blocks away and Loyola University has a beautiful campus right by the water.

There are parks, murals, and areas with community art.

Can you read the word in the simple yellow block?


The last day together, after a longer walk we rested a bit at Starbuck's and participated in their VIA taste challenge. Both of us were right about which was the instant coffee. Have you tried it yet? I now have a coupon for a free coffee and $1 off VIA Ready Brew, redeemable for over a month.

That afternoon it was time for me to leave. By Thursday Rosie had improved 90% from Monday, said the visiting nurse. Our time together had been unexplicably wonderful. It was raining. Was Chicago sad too, or was it because they lost the bid for the 2016 Olympics? We certainly were NOT upset by the outcome and found great pleasure in rejoicing over the news.

Goodbye, Chicago! (Click for more photos.)
¡AdiĆ³s, amigos y amigas!  Sara and friends await our visit.


Kim said...

It's fun how we liked the same photos! Shows we both have good taste :-) So encouraging to hear how much better Rosie is doing now than a week ago. How great that you had lots of success in the kitchen this week too! What sort of 'interesting' things did you make? After a week of more cooking than usual I took a bit of a break yesterday and we had leftovers. I call these times "Clean Out The Fridge Fusion" :-) Definitely some interesting combos can be made. I had the last piece of meatloaf with a dollop of mashed potatoes and some roasted vegetables that had previously been paired with pasta and cheese, but I thought would serve well as a 'normal' vegetable side dish.

Sara is traveling this weekend I guess which is maybe why there's no Mr. Linky.

Elizabeth said...

What a great opportunity to be able to go visit and help an old childhood friend/cousin...
I love all the pictures you took while in Chicago... especially the old homes/buildings...such beautiful architecture...
Praising the Lord that Rosie is doing so much better!

☼Karen☼ said...

I'm glad you had a good time and a safe trip!