Sunday, October 18, 2009

Project 365: Week 42

Before I dive into the main focus of my photos for the week, I would like to finish up last week's with a picture of the birthday girl wearing her SYTYCD t-shirt from the Sunday performance at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indy.

( Yes, Sara, we had a wonderful time!)

The Monstrous Project

This week I want to give honor to whom honor is due: master-builder-designer-repairer-maintainer, my wonderful husband.
Toward the end of the summer, he realized that the 600-gallon water holding tank for our radiant floor heating, was so deteriorated (after 18 years) that it could no longer be used. So he hacked it to pieces and hauled it out. But first he sat down and designed an entirely new three-tank system and had them built out of stainless steel.
They were ready Monday.

Tuesday, Chef son came and helped move them into their prepared and insulated slots in the utility room.


The pondering goes on.
It is such a complex system.

We cannot leave for Idaho until it is in working order.

It is cold! Don't worry, we have space heaters.

While Mike keeps insanely busy down in the cave, in addition to his regular commitments (robotics, Lightrider, etc.), I have kept reasonably occupied. Sorry, no photos. 

Tuesday, a webinar by adoption author and adoptee, Sherrie Eldridge (I have offered to translate &/or interpret into Spanish for her)
Twice I went to Muncie to take Mary to her hyperbaric treatment. She is out of the hospital, has lost weight.
While she was in her oxygen pressurized chamber, I walked by the river nearby on the Cardinal Greenway.
Thursday, I began an online course "Fundamentals of Life Stories Writing."
Friday we got together with those involved in Summer in the USA for a dinner and sharing.
Saturday, I went to grandson's football game. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Today, Sunday, after all three tanks are full and functioning, 149 solder joints tested, leaks repaired, hot water circulating through the hose network in the floors, we will finally leave, after cleaning up and packing, of course.

The garden looks like this at the end of the season, kinda messy now and overgrown. (Compare to the beginning of summer photo in Week 25.)

The daughter will bring in some of the house plants that enjoyed the outdoors for a season. Can you believe the poinsettia lasted from last Christmas?!


Edie said...

Wow your husband did a great job! What a gem God has blessed you with!

Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

wow...looks like you guys are busy, busy, busy...

Have a safe trip and look forward to seeing lots of pictures when you get back.

sara said...

wow, that is amazing!!! It looked very complex indeed!

I am still very jealous that you got to see SYTYCD, but glad that you had a great time!!!

Have fun in Idaho!

Kim said...

That writing course sounds fun; will look forward to hearing what you're learning!

So glad all systems are go! So you can go to Idaho! (okay, so my attempts at poetry are pathetic)

Have a great time!

SmallTownRunner said...

Oh, that webinar sounds interesting. Not that I have time to add one more thing to my life right now...