Sunday, October 25, 2009

Project 365: Week 43

Sunday, before we finally got away on our long-awaited trip to Idaho, friend Lisa came over to collect natural woodsy materials for an autumn event. We gifted her with a pottery piece of her choice.

How about you? Are you entering my giveaway by commenting a few times here at Meemaw Moments? The opportunity ends when we arrive back in Indiana, in about 10 days.

The other photo I shot Sunday is my new header. Can you see our deck under those leaves?
I am so happy with my new autumn blog-look, but have so much to learn yet. I just couldn't remember how to get my title on there.

Monday we traveled through Iowa. I loved the beautiful farmland. One longer stop was at the new $55,000,000 Bass Pro store, a hunter's paradise. (Click on the link for a fascinating tour and fun captions.)

Tuesday we arrived at destination mid afternoon. The other Koch hunters had come back early to welcome us, and take a break!

For a slideshow of the cross country changing scenery go to my previous post. (While you're there leave a comment for greater chances in my drawing!)

Wednesday, I was remembering the last time I accompanied hunter-hubby on his annual expedition. Little Kenzie was only 4 years old and every morning she was up before anybody and headed straight for the computer to play a wide variety of her little games. She is still the technological whiz.

Thursday we went to great-nephew Cody's football game.

Friday, the three Mrs. Kochs went shopping.

Saturday, and every day, the men go hunting and come back with birds and hunting tales, complete with actions and sound effects. The women decided to model their behavior and tell our shopping stories with the same enthusiasm and effusive gestures. The result was tear-jerking hilarity.

What do the women do? Cook, do dishes, talk, knit, read, study, talk, walk, play with the three dogs, blog, shop, talk (did I mention that already?) Today I found a walking path and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, but my camera charge lasted for only one photo.

Check out Sara's blog for more week 43 (yes, FORTY THREE) photo reviews.
And don't forget my pottery giveaway! Picture this in your home.


Lisa said...

Oh my. That sounds like great family time. My dad grew up in Idaho, American Falls. I have been there several times.

Have a safe trip and thanks for keeping us updated!

Ha...I just got a comment from you...we were reading each other's at the same time.

Have a great week.

Kim said...

To get your blog name to appear over your (very beautiful!) photo, go to layout, click on the "edit" button for the header (the uppermost thing you can work on) and when the box comes up, make sure you've clicked the "behind title and description" button under "placement". That should do it :-)

Would have loved hearing about the shopping expedition complete with sound effects. lol

Sounds like a fun time is being had by all. Enjoyed the photos and commentary as always!

P.S. Is the car fixed?

Elizabeth said...

Love your new blog look... great fall theme!
Mike and I love Bass Pro Shops... we have one about one hour away from us... I love sitting and just watching the fish.
Enjoy the rest of your visit/vacation!

sara said...

love your new fall look!!!

I did not grow up in a hunting family, but all the "girl" time talking sounds very fun!!!

have a blessed vacation and safe trip home!!!

Dena said...

I love the look of your blog. What beautiful leaves.

I haven't made it to the new Bass pro shop yet, but I'm hoping to get there on one of my next trips to Des Moines.

I hope it works out on your way back through for us to get a chance to meet. :)

Edie said...

Love the photo of the trail. Would have enjoyed a video of you ladies actively describing your day. LOL.