Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Wonderings/Wanderings

Art Pilgrimage: Station # 8

Now that I have determined to set aside Wednesdays for wandering through the Cornerstone Art Pilgrimage and then pondering the piece for a day or two, I am always excited to look in my archives and see which comes next. This one was unique in that the oil lamps were lit at night. It was difficult to photograph, you will have to use your imagination. (If only I had known then that I was going to post them, I may have done a better job.) [Note: I just found an error on the plaque, it should be Matthew 25:1-10]

I was encouraged to continue this public meditation format by comments after Station #7,
and especially delighted that 'Anonymous' responded (Anonymous only means you do not have a blogger account.) The content was sooooo right-on. I am very grateful for the balance she brought to the subject and that fruit is not of our making, we only bear what the Holy Spirit produces as we abide in the Vine! What an awesome privilege. Thanks, DIL (she signed her anonymous note, it was my daughter-in-law!)

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Kim said...

If you hadn't said that about the oil lamps I would have thought it was just a bunch of old light bulbs "planted" in some dirt inside an old aquarium. This is one of those pieces you will definitely have to explain to me!