Sunday, October 11, 2009

Project 365: Week 41


This was our granddaughters big week--18 years old on Monday!

There is a wonderful festival in our area at this time of year that she loves to go to, so last Sunday we went to Mississinewa 1812. Click here to see all our photos.

We have enjoyed beautiful fall weather this week, the lingering flowers and changing colors, and long walks... well as several rainy days.

This is the soccer field I could see from the 7th story hospital room on one of those gray days. It is also the field where son Chef plays soccer three times a week with an odd assortment of players, young and old, including my former professor and colleague.

Speaking of soccer...Wednesdays I take turns watching the grandsons. This week it was Elijah's turn. He is really getting into the game now. That's him out in front. He keeps a running count of all the goals of his career. There was one Monday and three more on Wednesday.

Two days were spent with a friend who was hospitalized. We share many common interests. It was good to spend time with her. But she is scared. Pray for Mary.

We had a birthday dinner for Kayla last night, her favorite--fondue, all kinds of meats and vegetables.

I hung or placed her photos around the room. Today we are taking the dancer girl to see the season 5 touring SYTYCD show!

Forgot to remind you that I am  having a giveaway in honor of my very first tentative posting two years ago in October. One item from Klaytivity's Unique Thrown Pottery will go to a reader who consistently comments on my Project 365 posts through Week 44 (extended due to travel plans).
And BTW, have you been over to Sara's yet?


Elizabeth said...

I love the hat Kayla is wearing... I can't believe she is 18... Wow... and fondue for her birthday... I love fondue!
Soccer is my favorite sport... 4 goals is really good!

Dena said...

The hat your Granddaughter is wearing is wonderful! I love it! Happy birthday to her.

My kids played soccer when younger. While I don't miss the cold Saturday morning games, I do miss their excitement about playing.

sara said...

oh I am soooo jealous!!! SYTUCD is my favorite show and I would love to see the tour!!! Have a great time!!!

Happy birthday to your granddaughter. My son turns 18 this month too!

and fondue is my fav!!

☼Karen☼ said...

The fondue party was definitely fun. I realized I've now known Kayla for half her life! I hope you had a great time at SYTYCD!

Kim said...

Loved the photo of Kayla in the old timey hat -- she's so pretty and she can definitely carry off the look from that time period!

Praying for Mary; so glad you could be with her and encourage her. You're very good at that!

Enjoyed all the photos. Have you thought about doing the blurb book at the end of the year?

Took over 200 photos this weekend. Lighting issues in the building made it difficult to get good ones however. Hope to post them on flickr this evening. Ivan's gone all day helping our co-worker and I'll need to wait for him to help me. But I am posting a few on my blog today. Wonderful time!