Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wondering and Wandering in the Wild Wild West

We made it out to Koch relatives in Pocatello, ID, Tuesday 4 pm. That represents a minor (or major?) miracle as the engine kept stalling for a few seconds as we were driving on the highway closer to the 80 mi/hr speeds. It must have happened about 10 times over the 1600 miles. This afternoon it was towed away. We are wondering what will happen. Mike thinks they should be able to find the problem because it is no longer intermittent. Today it would NOT start at all.

The Koch men are serious hunters. They love to torture themselves tromping through the grassy marshes ALL day long. Today they came back early to clean their catch of two days and go to young nephew's football game.

The closest I will come to the adventure of hunting is probably what I saw and experienced at the new  Bass Pro store we stopped at in Iowa. You can see for yourself and get a taste of this hunter's paradise.
Oh, I helped to bag the already cleaned and cut up birds.

For those who wanted to see photos of our travels, tomorrow I will post photos of the scenery.

And if anyone out there was waiting for another in the Art Pilgrimage series, sorry, I forgot to prepare to post them before I left, and the photos are all stored on the home computer.

Out here, days are pleasantly filled with reading, studying, walking, and conversation with my SIL. She brought a book to read and a lot of kniting projects. I wanted very much to read that book too, and I love to read out loud so we decided I would read to her while she knits. A great plan and a gripping read--Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See.

Two days ago was my second blogoversary. Don't forget to leave comments to be entered into the giveaway--a Klaytivity unique thrown pottery by hubby the ceramist! He  loves to design, experiment, throw, glaze, fire, learn everything to do with the craft. And I love to give them away! Can you find the one we brought for our hosts?


SmallTownRunner said...

How I wish I were there for Sandy to give me knitting tips! I have a question and no one around to answer it. Sounds like you're having a great time.

Kim said...

What a great plan for you to read while she knits!

Sorry to hear about the car trouble and hope it is ready to travel by the time you are :-)