Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 Week 10: First Week Alone...

While Mike is off to Cycling Boot Camp riding the Withlacoochee Trail (photo courtesy of their website)...

And Chef-son just finished his third ice art competition in Alaska (courtesy of Ice Alaska)...

The Age of the Mechanical Musher
Recognize the snow machines (Alaskan for snowmobile)?

Now, my photos:
Yes, while all that exciting stuff is going on, Brutus and I are here alone, plodding on.


Late evenings he sits on my lap while I watch a show or two and knit. I just finished those leg warmers (that's what they ended up) for the dancing granddaughter. Notice the remote close by to fast forward through commercials. What you can't see is the tissue box, an almost constant companion this week. No, it wasn't self-pity or loneliness, but a horrible cold.

Brutus, my textbook and Book Buddy on my lap. Yes, the course goes on. Glad for the flexibility of so much time alone to pace myself on slower sick days. Still very grateful for all I'm learning and the shape it is taking.

The other living things in the house that need to be watered regularly.

I, on the other hand, need to be watered AND fed. That is harder to do when I'm alone, but I try and make it look appealing too for my dining pleasure. Here I have leftover macaroni and cheese, tomato, avocado, and radish greens from the hanging garden. It was delightful, however, the reason for harvesting the radish greens was because it became apparent there would never be radishes. We are still experimenting with this innovative garden concept. Any experts out there?


Yet another meal, interesting vegetarian tacos. So, what do you eat when you are alone?

Saturday, I felt well enough to go to Indy for K's annual dance competition. She has prepared so hard and was so excited--two group numbers and two solos.

Before and after the last dance.


sara said...

hope you are feeling better at the end of the week....I think you shared it over the internet lines...I have a cold starting!! :)

still completely amazed at those ice sculptures!!!

when I am along...I snack...cheese and crackers, leftovers, anything I don't have to "cook". I am so impressed you cut your strawberry to look pretty on the plate!!!!

great week!!!

Elizabeth said...

I am so sorry to hear that you were sick... atleast you were able to take it easy...
When I am the only one eating a meal I end up making something easy and quick... Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, cereal... I hate making a mess in the kicthen if its just me eating...

Tori said...

So sorry you're not feeling well! I'm glad Brutus is there to take care of you!
I am almost never alone, so I have no idea what I would eat. Knowing me, something quick and easy!
Have a super week and feel better!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

You certainly eat a nice, well-balanced meal when alone! Good for you! I tend to scrounge for scraps of this and that when I don't have others to cook for (not that that's very often).
Hope you get to feeling better soon!
Spring is right around the corner!!

You asked about my husband...he's an attorney. Been out of law school for not quite four years. His firm just gave him his very first trial case on which he would be the sole attorney and argue it with no help from the partners. He was so excited (and nervous, of course). He did a great job!

Amy said...

It is no fun being sick and alone, no one to complain to or to take care of you. Dinners looked good though!!

Love those ice sculptures such a talented guy.

Seeing your dancing girl was such a special treat, so glad you were up for the drive.

Kim said...

Hope you're feeling better!
What was in those vegetarian tacos? I love vegetarian I think I'd probably like the tacos too.
Stephan's work is just amazing!
Love the photos of K -- she looks so much like her mom at that age!

We arrived in Bs. As. last night and spent today resting after church.

Lhoyt said...

Meant to watch "Who do you think you are?" and totally forgot. I wonder if it is available online.

H-Mama said...

I hope you are feeling much better now. (((hugs)))

You have such a creative family... riding trails, ice sculpture, dance. Makes for great memories. :)

Lisa said...

Your plants are beautiful!

Cereal is my "go to" food when I am alone.

Hope you are feeling better and that everyone in your family who is out and about gets back soon and safe.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Glad you are feeling better. I had a 365 full of alka seltzer plus and wadded up Kleenex a few weeks ago myself.

Great week!

When it's just me I keep it very simple. I usually have a sandwich or heat up some leftovers or toss an egg in my skillet with a nice piece of toast.

Now I'm hungry!
Have a great rest of the week.

Esthermay said...

Well.... you sure eat healthier than me when 'cooking-for-one.' I eat crackers and cookies and frosting on crackers and cookies crumbled in ice cream or yogurt. hA!

... I do hope you're feeling better. Your cat seems to be a constant companion - love that! (We have three now...)

The dance photo is one for the books. I really like the expression on her face as she examines that reflection in (I am assuming) her compact.

I really appreciate the ice-sculpture. He is very good. We missed the St. Paul Winter Carnival & the ice castle this year. ...just wondering, has your son ever done any sculptures here @ the Winter Carnival in MN?

.... soooo sad that your Hobby Lobby closed :(

Have a great week, Rita!

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm still stuck on the mac & cheese picture... YUMMMMMMMMMM

I want to see the leg warmers on!!! How cute!