Monday, March 15, 2010

Memoir Monday

More family history stuff...

We have an almost-Olympian in our ancestry!
A Times Magazine article received last week, dated September 7, 1992, includes a paragraph about my great uncle, Chuck Hoyt, in Hugh Sidey's America--"You Can Go Home Again: Like 30 million Americans nationwide, the alums of Iowa's Greenfield High hold a rendezvous with memory."

"Retired farmer James Law ('14) of Stuart, Iowa, sat in his wheelchair relishing the stories of playing on an undefeated football team and knowing the greatest school legend of all time: sprinter Chuck Hoyt ('14). Hoyt learned to run chasing ponies on his farm. "He was all legs," chuckled Law. Some legs. Hoyt took his first train ride when he was 14, to the University of Chicago's Stagg Field, swept the 100-m and 220-m dashes. He was asked to be on the 1912 Olympic team, but his widowed mother needed him home. Besides, she insisted, he was too young, and there would be another Olympics in 1916. War smashed his dream, but he went on to set a world record in the 220 and coach at the University of Michigan and Yale."


SmallTownRunner said...

Wow! Very exciting!

Kim said...

How cool is that?!