Saturday, March 13, 2010

2010 Week 11: Second Week Alone...

Mike still in Florida with the alligators, well no, with his biking buddies, but he did send this one photo.

Actually by the time of this writing he should be in Georgia and home tomorrow night!!!

Brutus and I still hanging out. This is his attempt at joining me in a yoga exercise.

And this is my attempt at eating healthy meals: soup, salad and duck sandwich.

I thought the snow mountain on the front porch would never go down.

It is raining, the snow will soon be gone! Spring flowers next week, folks!

Skye and Kayla's great grandma died this week. I had to take this photo after the memorial service; they looked so good and are growing so.

Friday I caught a glimpse of my gordito when Kristie dropped off Elijah to spend the night with Meemaw.

I had already planned to have breakfast at Cracker Barrell with my friend, so Elijah came along and entertained us both and took this photo.

So, friends, it's been a busy week of reading, writing, and submitting; exercise for seniors class; three outings with friends; and the ongoing daily household stuff. No photos of the clean desk because it is NOT, maybe next week.


sara said...

hmmmm...don't think I want to be anywhere close to those alligators!

teaching your cat yoga? might when you a spot on Americas Funniest Home Videos!

oh my word that baby is getting big!!!

breakfast at cracker barrel....YUM!

enjoy your week with your hubby home!

Kim said...

Duck sandwich? :-) (It's always the food that catches my attention first. LOL)

Great pics of the grandchildren. I love your nickname for the youngest!

Elijah did a great job taking the photo of you and your friend. Was just talking about CB the other day; my favorite is the vegetable platter with a biscuit and the fun of choosing which vegies each time.

I agree, Sta. Rosa wouldn't be an amazing place to have the retreat. Too bad it's so far for everyone but me.

Tori said...

Brutus has a good pose going there!
So glad you were able to have some fun outings and see friends and family!
Enjoy Mike coming home!!
Have a great week!

Elizabeth said...

Wow... I can't believe how tall Skye is...

Your little gordito is soo cute!

Elijah did a great job taking the picture of you and your friend.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Silly cat...however does he think he's going to do the Downward Dog position? I mean, really.

So glad for you that your husband will be back soon!

See ya next week!

The Bug said...

Loved your pictures this week. That Elijah is quite a photographer! I had chicken & dumplings at CB last week - yum!

H-Mama said...

Kitty yoga... Made me smile. :) Looks like you had a wonderful week. ((hugs))