Saturday, March 27, 2010

2010 Week 13

Granddaughter Kayla and I enjoyed our time together, two nine hour travel days listening to Julie Andrews read her autobiography Home. The purpose of the trip was to celebrate one aunt's 90th birthday, visit another aunt who is 95, and see cousins and friends.

On the way back we decided to break up our trip a bit more and have some fun.

Which hat do you like best?

And speaking of was chilly enough to wear this cute knobby wool hat on my walks. My SIL knit it while we were together in Idaho last fall.

Thursday afternoon, the three younger grandsons were here. They played peacefully and lovingly, most of the time.

One of the little guys asked me when I was going to clear off the pool table. So today I tackled the task and am able to show a more orderly desk as well.

This week spring flowers came out in force. I could give away a bouquet every day and not even notice they're gone.

The whole family is getting together tomorrow to celebrate March birthdays.


Kim said...

Lovely, lovely daffodils make me a wee bit homesick for midwestern springs :-) [but only a wee bit]

Joyce and Rebecca look amazing for their ages!

I think the furry bit of hat is totally stylin' :-)

How did you like the book by Andrews? I enjoy well written biographies and autobiographies. Worth my time to read it?

sara said...

so what did you think of the book? Was it good?

love your knitted hat...the others, well let's just say they are great photo ops! ha!

we came home from vacation to flowers galore in our front it!

Shannon said...

Daffodils are my absolute favorite flower because MY birthday is in March and they remind us all of the long-awaited spring, don't they?

Elizabeth said...

What a full week you had... so glad you had the chance to go on your trip and spend some quality time with K...
Those flowers are so gorgeous! I am going to look into growing some for next year... I see them all over the place here and they are just so beautiful!
BTW - thanks so much for picking and dropping Dad off at the airport.

Tori said...

What a fun week of family!!
I liked the hat with the light.
Daffoldils are pretty, we're starting to get flowers here. Yeah!!
Have a super week!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

So, how was the autobiography? Seems like it would be a good one. I love Julie Andrews.

All those boys...That's a sweet pic of them all cuddled up together.

Great week!

Dena said...

What a cute picture of your aunts, as well as the picture of the 3 little guys. So sweet!

Oh my goodness, those daffodils are beautiful!

LuAnn said...

I love daffodils - ours are not quite there yet.
The cutes are soooo cute :)

The Bug said...

Yeah Kim - you have to get through the midwestern winter to get to the midewestern spring. Makes you pause, doesn't it?

I enjoyed all the pictures this week - the nobby hat & the daffodils all in one week. Definitely a sign of the midwest!

Amy said...

I just love daffodils! What a great trip with the two of you. She'll remember that time with you forever. Boys playing nice together really is a great picture.

Thanks for sharing your week

Elizabeth said...

I am glad you have been able to declutter some things from your house... I always feel so much better after I do...
What kind of Mate stuff do you have at your house?
Maybe you could give some away as prizes on your blog?