Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Follow-up: Living Lilies

 Living Lilies

The responses were so positive this time:
"That is seriously cool!"
"It's pretty."
What if I told you it was made from trash? Yes, thousands of plastic caps and lids from containers we normally toss without giving them a second glance. 
The artist, Nancy Hughes, was also our guide and art critique. And here she is, telling us about the process. As she speaks she reaches out to snap shut some of the mustard caps that curious passersby have messed with.
She explained that the door panels were placed on the ground and the bottle tops arranged as best she could. Then, in collaboration with family members, she directed the desired changes from above, looking down from the deck where she could view the whole from a distance. When every piece was firmly in place, it was grouted.
Early on we came to a station titled Consider the Lilies, based on the same passage, the emphasis being on God's care for us, so lavish and personal we need not worry. That painting showed a hand carefully holding a lily. Imagine this, God clothes the lilies of the field, and they are more beautiful than anything the richest human ever wore--King Solomon, symbol of wealth and wisdom. If the heavenly Father looks after the lilies, won't He care for you?
The title of this final piece leads us to think beyond ourselves and our cares and worries to see the bigger picture. If we are those living lilies that God has designed us to be, what a beautiful bouquet we form together. When each of us redeemed ones occupy the place the Father designed for us, it is wonderful to behold!
This reminds me of the song Something Beautiful.

He can take trash and turn it into treasure!

So, my friends, this is the end of our Art Pilgrimage.

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