Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 Week 12: No longer alone!

Sunday evening Mike and his cycling buddies arrived back from their two weeks of training for cycling season. He put in 800 miles on the bike in FL and GA. No photos of the bicycle or the rider.

Monday Meal at Chef-son's we got to see other son's family. As soon as Elijah saw me he said,
"You've gotta come outside, Grandma." He had to show me that he no longer needs training wheels.

Sometime this week we finished off the muffins I make last week. (Gotta have one food photo, especially since I have no clean-desk photo to show.)

Wednesday I went to the new Indy airport to pick up my brother coming in from South Carolina.
I drove him up to Warsaw where he will spend a few days with Mother and visit Dad. We stopped at Global Auto, my younger brother's shop.

The Siblings: # 2, # 1, # 5

Mother and Dad
Do you notice any family resemblance?

I was so sure I'd have flower photos to show this week, but this is the closest, not quite open yet but popping up all over. I hope no snow or frost interrupts the beautiful display about to take place.

While I was out looking for blooms, I saw this, hubby bent over his potters wheel. He is so glad to be back at it, and his finger has healed sufficiently to not interfere with his Klaytivity.

Tomorrow, Saturday, granddaughter and I will be traveling to Tennessee for an aunt's 90th birthday celebration. 


Kim said...

Good job with the autopost! :-)
Hope you're having a good visit with the relatives in TN. And how special that you get this road trip with K!

I think Lynn and Alan favor Mother while Ivan and Aldo look more like Dad. You're a good combo of both :-)

Elizabeth said...

Great picture of Grandma and Grandpa... thanks so much for making sure you take and share pictures with us... I really appreciate it!
Glad Dad is able to spend some time in Indiana....
Enjoy your trip to TN and look forward to hearing how it all went!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Wonderful week, Blessing

The Bug said...

Elijah is the cutest thing! So proud...

I'm glad you got to spend a bit of time with your brothers & parents - & hope you're having fun in Tennessee!

Lori said...

My 9 y/o daughter just learned to ride without training wheels this week - the weather was so nice and it was great to be out side! Great pictures!

Tori said...

Welcome home Mike!!
My grandparents lived in Warsaw, so we would go visit all of the time. Would always get ice cream at the Flag Pole.
Enjoy your trip and have a super week!!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Seashells...and where they reside...sound pretty good right about now. *sigh*

Congrats to the official bike rider!
That's a very big deal!

Definitely see resemblance amongst your family members. So neat.

expat princess said...

Rita: so glad the thought popped into my mind to check your blog! Photos of your mom and dad! Oh, how that helped me put things together, as did the photo of you with your siblings. Now I can see the woman who made you a special cake! How I love the name Elijah! What a cutie! I read your last post also about lilies - Matthew 6:25 - 34(?) is one of my life's scriptures. And just this week I was wondering why no one name's their kids Solomon anymore ... what an author he turned out to be!