Sunday, April 7, 2013

2013 Week 14: Easter and Signs of Spring

We celebrated Resurrection Sunday as a family. Everyone contributed something to the meal and the decor, including creatively decorated eggs.

Notice the 'family egg' on the left. Can you tell who the different stick figures represent?

Leah's Koch-family Egg
I think baby Jude liked the eggs too.

My favorite part was retelling the Easter story with the help of the Resurrection Eggs.

And also the opportunity for a family photo. The Krazy Koch-photo is always a must, kinda like the crazy birthday song.

Other major events of the week were the death of a pet and the FIRST robotics competition.

Kayla watched and mourned Moe's death on Wednesday and buried her guinea pig on Thursday in the family pet cemetary in our corral.

Mike left way before dawn to meet the team and make their way to a new-to-them competition venue, Rose Hulman in Terre Haute, some three hours away. For three days he was extremely busy guiding the students through the experience and mostly working on GreenGo the robot, making necessary adjustments for better performance. Notice his look of consternation, or is it concentration?

GreenGo, Team 1720, and Mentor Mike
 As the saying goes, "When the cat's away, the mice will play." I stayed busy while he was gone: two friend's birthday celebrations and a T-shirt quilting retreat.

Here is one lady's James Dean quilt in-progress. We were helping her decide the placement of her squares.

It was fun to do this creative activity with other women and a very good instructor. I may show you my quilt when it is finished.

We've been waiting for warmer weather and signs of spring. Yesterday I picked the first bouquet of daffodils.

As you can see, this week I also enjoyed making collages using a photo editor called picmonkey.


oldfangled said...

I have lots of running t-shirts I want to make into a quilt. Maybe you could help me... or do it for me! *wink*

Kim said...

I hope you let us see your quilt! Are you doing a theme quilt, like your friend?

Lovely eggs! Such creativity!

What a difference just a few weeks can make... snow not too long ago and now daffys!

rita said...

Yes, Kim, mine is made from my 5K Ts.
And, K-dil, I'll have to consider making one for you!

Karen Kay said...

I am always so blessed with each of your blogs Rita....this one radiated with the 'newness' of Spring...even new little baby Jude.

God Bless You and Your lovely family,

karen kay

sara said...

You are so blessed to be able to get together with your family so often!!!

can't wait to see you soon! btw, I think Steve is coming too!

The Bug said...

Baby Jude is so fat & cute! I like all the eggs too - your family is so creative :)

momma frans said...

fantastic pictures! and what a busy week you had!!
i really loved the decorated easter eggs. :-)