Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Daddy's Birthday

Today would have been my Dad's 92nd birthday. Almost six weeks ago he was set free from the earthly boundaries of time and space and the extreme limitations of his frail body and was born into an unfathomable eternal reality.
As we reflected on his long life well lived we were inspired to imitate him in the ways that he served and followed Christ. I decided to look back on his life and write about him this year. What I discover and remember as we stir up memories and uncover records, I trust will encourage us all in our life journey.

I wish I could learn more about Dad's childhood. He was number nine in a family of eleven siblings. There are no baby pictures. The only one I have is of the firstborn child, a baby boy that lived only a few months and whose death surely marked the matrimony of Clarence and Anna deeply.

There is so much we do not know, and there is no one to ask.
So much I want to write and so little time.
But before this significant day is over I want to merely begin, crack the door open to much reminiscing to come.

I will close with a tribute posted on Facebook today by one who from age three watched our family closely and felt a part of us.

SOLON W. HOYT: Nació el 02/04/1921 
Mi recuerdo pleno de amor, agradecimiento, reconocimiento a quien me llevó al conocimiento de Cristo Jesús, por Quien soy salva por Su Gracia. Hoy, Solon Hoyt hubiera cumplido 92 años... pero el Padre Celestial dispuso, hace 40 días, llevarlo con
Él al Gozo Eterno en Sus Mansiones. 
Gracias a que El Señor lo pusiera en este mundo un día como hoy, es que pudo cumplir un Gran Ministerio de Evangelización en Argentina y otros países, llevando Su Palabra con profundo Amor por Él, gran dedicación, servicio y completa entrega a Su Voluntad, siempre acompañado por su amada esposa Kathryn... sirviendo al Señor de igual manera!.
Solon, Kathryn, Rita, Lynn, Aldo, Ivan, Alan siempre, siempre en mi corazón!.
Con Amor en Cristo, Graciela.

SOLON W. HOYT: Born on 02/04/1921
My memory full of love, gratefulness, and recognition to the one who led me to the knowledge of Jesus Christ through Whom I am saved by His Grace. Today, Solon Hoyt would have completed 92 years . . . however the Heavenly Father willed to take him 40 days ago to be with Him in the Eternal Joy of His Mansions.
Thanks to the Lord who placed him in this world on a day like this, he was able to fulfill a Great Ministry of Evangelization in Argentina and other countries, carrying His Word with deep Love for God, great dedication, service, and complete yieldedness to His Will, always accompanied by his beloved wife Kathryn. . . who served the Lord in like manner.
Solon, Kathryn, Rita, Lynn, Aldo, Ivan, Alan, always, always in my heart!
With love in Christ, Graciela

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sara said...

praying for you today as you remember your sweet daddy on his birthday!

You need to translate the last part!! I would love to know what they said!

I was just talking to my mom and she was saying how much she wished she had asked more questions of her grandmother and mother about their history. so many questions she has now and no one to ask.

blessings today!