Sunday, April 21, 2013

2013 Week 16: Winter still?

Heard someone say yesterday, "Isn't this a great winter we're having this spring?"

Well, that sums it up--cold temperatures, high winds and persistent rain most of the week. Other areas of the country under snow. We, however, had an unheard-of school closing due to flooding. The Chronicle-Tribune, our county newspaper, had an article today about the worst natural disaster in our area--the flood of 1913.

Even so the buds, on the tree I look out on as I write, grow steadily each day.

Two grandkid-sightings brightened my days. On Monday, Skye hopped over to my car after my exercise class. It was good to see him, first time since his injury. Crutches and all he gave me two hugs!

Tuesday, Kayla stopped by. Anybody who comes is free to help themselves to a bouquet from the hundreds of daffodils.

During one of the breaks in the weather we planted the rosebush the Bible study group gave in memory of my father. I think we found the perfect spot. We will wait and see.

A new bird visited us, a Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

In his spare time Michael has been studying about and experimenting with casting, his newest hobby.
He began practicing with one of his more expendable sculptures.

Making a silicone mold
Other non-photographed events or accomplishments: two monthly meetings (mission board and American Christian Writers), and two writing deadlines for me; robotics parent-team meeting, two Red Barn pottery sessions and two work days at son Sam's place for Michael.

Friday I took Mother to Fort Wayne to pick up hearing aid ear pieces and have them fitted. Then I stayed overnight. She made a wonderful breakfast to prepar me for a group work-day to help one of our pastor's fix up a rental he owns in Goshen. Mike and some friends came by for me on the way.

We've decided it is so much more fun to tackle overwhelming projects with a group of friends.

As the tragedies of this week unfolded in Boston, we were reminded of the frailty of life and the extent of evil in the human heart.


The Bug said...

That's a great picture of Kayla with the daffodils - so bright & lovely!

LOVE the bird picture! We had a new bird this week too - the killdeer. I never thought I'd be all that interested in birds, but it thrills me to see a new one.

momma frans said...

i agree with the Bug. that IS a great bird picture, and those daffodils are beautiful.

Lhoyt said...

I believe the rose bush will go crazy because of all the ashes that surely must have gotten mixed in with the ground where it was planted. BTW, we have ten rose bushes on the sides of the house here, and I pruned them mercilessly last year and this year and both years they have come back gloriously filled with at least forty blooms each. Kinda makes me think of the effect God's pruning can have in our lives if we let Him do the job.