Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 Week 17: Joys of Friendship

As the weather improved this week, training increased. 
Mike tries to get out regularly for longer rides with friends or on his own. 
Time is running out. In little less than five weeks we will be leaving for Spain with a group. 
Half will be riding their bikes, circling the seven provinces of the Basque Country. 
The rest of us will follow in a van, visiting each of the capital cities.

Sunday afternoon ride

As we drive by the Taylor campus every day, 
we take in the steady progress in the construction of the new residence hall. 
This is the best I could do while driving.

If you read my blog you will recognize the name Sara from make music from your heart to the Lord
And you may remember that their son is a student at nearby Anderson University. 
That is why they occasionally stay with us when they travel all the way from Arkansas to see him. 
The Bowyers arrived Tuesday evening and left Friday.We had many delightful moments together.
They taught us a new game. Can you guess which one?

Thursday evening we all attended a wonderful concert at Anderson University. Jared plays the French horn.

Friday I opened a new blog, Doulos Days, to begin sorting and recording the memories of nearly five years spent on a missionary ship with our young children. Thirty years ago this summer we left that life and settled in small town Upland, home of Taylor University. 
Though we no longer work for the university we love being part of the community and are privileged to participate as fans and friends of students and faculty. We especially enjoy music events and theater performances. Friday night was opening night of The Curious Savage. The delightful characters kept us smiling the entire time.

Saturday was exceptionally beautiful, compared to most of the week, 
perfect for the beautiful wedding of our friends' daughter. 
Yes, Deborah Banker is now Mrs. Scott Ewers! At last! 
Their first date was October 13th seven years ago! 
And the wedding was held in the same place of the first date, 
also where they were engaged October 13th, 2012. 
However, they decided not to put off the wedding till October!

Scott and his lovely bride  Deborah. The last father-daughter wedding dance.

Dennis and Donna Banker
Some 43 years ago when we were living in Germany and expecting our first, 
Dennis and Donna came with their two little girls and the third on the way. 
We lived and worked on the same team for years and shared many life adventures together. 
The bonds of friendship are strong and sweet.

We were so honored and blessed to be with these dear friends on their special day and see the entire family, all four children married now and seven beautiful grandchildren.

Tante (German for 'aunt') Debbie loves her  nephews and nieces. 
All seven preceded the bride up the aisle. The oldest pulled the wagon carrying the babies, 
the girls walked behind each holding hands with one of the younger boys. 

The Babymobile
I think Selah reached up and touched Deslin's nose. Sweet cousins.

The wedding was like a reunion with other friends as well. Precious times.

Arlene Weber
This dear friend, also from years ago in Germany and Austria, 
is leaving in a week to visit her daughter and family in Uganda. 

Friendships whether new or from long ago are a gift from God.
These precious times of sharing here on earth are a taste of eternity in heaven!


sara said...

So thankful for our friendship!! It is truly a gift. Who knew when Jared decided to go to AU that God had such special friends waiting for us!!!

The Bug said...

What a great week! I'm going to guess that you played Settlers of Catan (I have no idea what it looks like, but Sara has talked about playing it before).

I love that the nieces & nephews were part of the wedding party :)

momma frans said...

love seeing wedding pictures! beautiful!