Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 Week 15: Flowers, Clouds, Friends and Poetry

Flowers began to pop up from hidden and forgotten spots.

And one day there was an explosion of yellow daffodils everywhere.

 However, gray clouds turned into serious thunderstorms and hail that beat down the delicate beauties.
Wonderfully resilient, they dried off and continue to provide lovely bouquets.

Gray weather persisted throughout the week'
perhaps to help me stay focused and sit many hours at the computer and plod through many tasks.

Every day was punctuated with bright moments with friends.
There are no photos of these daily encounters, only notes in my journal.

A package from Spain brought a token of friendship--a flower I can wear and will not fade.

 Highlights of the week were two annual events:

1.  The 9th Richard A. Seaman Memorial Chapel, followed by a luncheon for family and friends

Notice the $2 bill we each received to keep before us and remember the ways Rick inspired us to live.
He started a tradition at Taylor University, where he was a well-loved professor in the business department.
Every student received a one-dollar bill.
At graduation they gave back the $1 and received a $2 to keep before them and give back the next year in an effort to bless the school that invested in them, double their giving each year and hopefully learn about compound interest.

2.  The 3rd Barton Rees Pogue Poetry and Arts Festival

The organizer encouraged me to participate. Friday I read poems by a friend in Uruguay which I had translated. The next day there was an article in the local newspaper.

Saturday I entered a couple contests: original poem and interpretive reading. This poem won 3rd place in the former--$15 certificate to a favorite eatery, Payne's!

When we came out of the closing ceremony, the week-long clouds had begun to part, foretelling a change in the weather perhaps?

Drama in the skies
Michael has had a break from robotics, went back to work on the house son Sam is remodeling, and is back on the bike (53 miles yesterday).

Today, Sunday, we look forward to celebrating our Sunday School teacher's birthday. There is an informal gathering at their home every Sunday evening for the college class (and the oldies that attend to provide intergenerational interaction). Last week we had fun watching two of the curly-headed members get their hair straightened, just to see what it would look like. Crazy funny!

"If you have it, go for it!"

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  1. Congrats on the poetry win! It was (& is!) a lovely poem.

    We have a few flowers around - makes a nice change. Our trees are still mostly bare, but the grass is greener.


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