Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daddy and Music

The Hoyt Brothers: Bud, Garner, Solon, Lowell

Music played a major role in Dad's life. There are many photos of him and his brothers playing instruments. 
I think he could pick up most any brass instrument (also called labrosones, literally meaning "lip-vibrated instruments", Wikipedia) and coax a beautiful tune from it. He was most expert with the baritone and trombone, however.

Dad also had a beautiful singing voice. After last week's post about the Christmas break revival meetings in Iowa, Mother wished I could have found a photo of the quartet. She was certain he had contributed musically to those services. Indeed he did use his musical gifts and skills throughout their ministry. 

Lowell and Solon (fifty years after the Christmas break revival meeting)

I remember that in the early 80's, when he would have been in his 60s, we were serving on the missionary ship M/V Doulos. During our stay in Rosario, Argentina, where my parents were ministering at the time, I arranged for Dad to sing at one of our ship morning devotions. I had to beg Dad to cooperate. He said his voice just wasn't what it used to be. I was grateful when he accepted and was blessed by his singing. However, it came with a cost. They had a very stressful time fighting traffic on the way to the port and even had an accident.

Mother and Dad enjoyed playing music together most evenings. Both played in church as long as that was possible. With Mother's assistance Dad continued playing along with the hymns much longer than expected. And Mother at 91 still plays the organ in her church every Sunday!

Last week when we heard that George Beverly Shea had passed away, a YouTube video of him singing at age 103 in 2011 resurfaced on Facebook. April 17th I shared it on my timeline with the added words:

"Imagining Daddy and George Beverly Shea singing together in heaven."

Several readers responded, grateful for the memories of Dad's music and the thoughts of heaven. Some said that George Beverly Shea's singing reminded them of Dad in his style and expression. One commented that Dad's voice or tone had a warmer velvety feel. 

Hmmm...I wonder if we could find a recording of Daddy singing. 
However, our heavenly reunion is drawing near. 
Then we will experience music like never before, and Daddy will be involved!


The Bug said...

I love that picture of the four brothers - they look like they were a lot of fun.

So glad you have these musical memories of your father. My dad leads the singing for Sunday school at one of the local nursing homes. When we're in town I always join him - it's so much fun to sing together!

Kim said...

Somewhere we have a cassette of dad preaching, but I don't think we have any of him singing. Maybe one of the other family members might, though. It's worth asking! Also, check with Pastor Simpson to see if the church has a 'library' of past services, that might include dad singing.