Sunday, June 8, 2014

Circle Tour 2014--Day 1

Day 1, June 9--to Oñati. 

This is a new destination that we are very excited about. It is more inland and accessible because of this year's figure-eight type route.

Several SUSA students have come out of Oñati. Irati is one of the girls who came to Upland.

We were also very privileged in 2010 to spend one day there and meet her mother, Karmele, an uncle and aunt and many friends.

One Day in Oñati is the book I put together as a thank you for their hospitality. But if you could not access it, here you can see Irati and her mother with Mike that one exciting day we spent with them in 2010.

Also in that area we met friends and family of our host Alberto (our girl Amaia's father). In the nearby town of Mondragón, Jose Mari gave us a tour of one of the companies where he is manager. It would be great to see him, his family and others we met there.

You will find stories of the day we met these friends in this post, The BIG Day. If you want more, go to on how to get lost in a foreign country   And here is a photo of the group dinner at their Sociedad the night of that memorable cycling event.

P.S.: We exchanged e-mails and invited them to dinner that evening at our hotel. Two couples will join us: Jose Mari & Idoia; Iñaki & Elena. Irati and family members as well!

P.S.1: Great times with our friends from Mondragon! They were so good to give us a chunk of their week day. They could not stay for dinner as that would keep them out too late and they had early work commitments the next day.
Karmele, a fifth grade teacher, taught and had meetings with parents all day, but even so stayed all evening. The girls, Irati and best friend were with us all afternoon.
These are all dear people. We so enjoyed our time with them.

The beauty of this place is idyllic! Wish you could see the views out our windows!

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