Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Circle Tour 2014--Day 3

Day 3, June 11--To Bilbao

On the way out of Vitoria we will again go near the pottery museum. Hopefully, by the time you read this, we will have been able to visit and enjoy our time with Blanka. And if not yesterday, maybe today!

Bilbao is the city we fly into. Here I tell about our arrival last year—Bilbao.

This is the home of the famous Guggenheim Museum. Both times we intended to visit, but by the time we were back in Bilbao, after two strenuous weeks, we were too exhausted. Maybe this time?

P.S.: We finally made it to the famous Guggenheim on our third visit to this area! Now back at the hotel, late, but want to update this post.

We did connect with Blanka from Ollerias.    She gave us a wonderful tour of the museum, the ancient huge kiln (held 8000 pieces) and demoed the wheel, made three pots while she talked and taught us so much!

 We were delighted to meet up with the cyclists twice on the road. No mishaps today, except for a flat tyre. Yesterday Sara had to ride most of the time in the support van with Charlie because something broke on her bike. With the help of the bike shop expert in Vitoria they were able to figure out what happened and Mike fixed it. He is the team bike mechanic.

We are enjoying having children on our team! Yesterday Dane and Laurie's daughter, husband and two kids (10 and 7) arrived safely! Even before we got to the hotel in Vitoria, Alazne and Maria were waiting there--two Basque students who spent summers in Upland.

Days are long. We have trouble finding places to eat, often have to walk far, and/or wait late for dinner hours. And now it is quite late, so I will say good night!

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