Thursday, June 19, 2014

Circle Tour 2014--Day 9

Day 9, June 19To Bayonne, France

Baiona is another of the large cities in the historical Basque Country.

We left Mauleon and rode on to Bayonne, the brave by bicycle and the rest by van.

I don't have much to add to what you can read and see in the blog post, if you click on the highlighted link. (I hope you have realized by now that the bulk or meat of these posts is in those links.)

Another beautiful sunny day!

Three stops on the way:

St. Palais where we went into a church with a variety of exquisite art. The cyclists arrived shortly after. And then a pilgrim on the Camino walked in. Meanwhile, outside someone nearly rode off with one of the bikes!

In Hasparren we at lunch in the same restaurant as last year and the owner remembered us! 
I remembered sharing a child menu with Barb. This time she was not there to help me out.

Espelette is famous for a type of pepper. See some hanging all over the building?

We arrived at the hotel in Bayonne (a different one from 2013) only a little before the cyclists.

Later we all headed for the beach in Biarritz, enjoyed the weather, the sunset and one another. 

Oh, and ate at the same place as last year, thanks to Sara who remembers everything and was craving Mexican.

Taco Salad

One more riding day. What will the morrow hold?

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