Friday, June 13, 2014

Circle Tour 2014--Day 5

Day 5, June 13—To San Sebastián

This is a beautiful route along the coast of the Bay of Biscay. We go through two towns where we hope to meet up with two couples we know.

On this route we will also go through Zumaia, where other friends hope to relocate in the near future. They just recently found an apartment.

Davenports and Kochs toured the area with Alberto in 2010: Zarautz and Getaria; Basque Farm Countryside; Pelota vasca (here you can watch Dane attempt Basque handball!)

We are certain to encounter many pilgrims making their way by different means to Santiago de Compostela, on the north-west corner of Spain, to where St. James is said to be buried--Los peregrinos.
Last year we met people from Australia, Austria and other countries. 

Our destination this day is also our home base for the weekends. It is the same venue that the January Taylor University team used. Brad Seeman and his group of students accompanied by Steve and Kari were treated wonderfully by the staff at Olarain. 

P.S.: So, yes, here we are at 'home base' after another wonderful day.

It was sad to leave our favorite town after such a brief stay.

We lingered in one coastal town where much of the blockbuster Ocho apellidos vascos was filmed.

The mealtime ritual takes a lot longer here. We, the van riders ate here at noon, a place our guide knew. Otherwise it can be quite time consuming to find the right food at the right time.

The earliest you can eat dinner is 8:30 p.m. and then ordering, waiting, and enjoying several courses and the sobremesa (to linger and converse) all takes times. We stay up late, but it is all quite enjoyable.

¡Hasta mañana! (yawn)

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