Thursday, June 12, 2014

Circle Tour 2014--Day 4

Day 4, June 12--To Lekeitio

On route to this coastal fishing town, one of our favorites, we go through the historic city of Gernika. In these various posts from our 2010 visit you can learn much of its role in the history of the Basque people. The Tree of Gernika; The Plaza; Stroll through Germika

Circle Tour 2013--on to Lekeitio
Last year this was one of our final stops. Our group took over the little hotel completely. We loved MarĂ­a Isabel, the owner, and had good conversations with her. You can see her next to me in the first photo: Circle Tour 2013--Gernika and Beyond.

P.S.: 2014
 The cyclists arrived at our destination before us, the van riders!

We "the walkers" really lived up to our role--walked, hiked more than any other day or week!

First stop, Bakio, where we walked the beach and pier and talked to a gentleman from the town we were headed to.

Next, near Bermeo, we ventured toward the ermita (chapel on a hill) of San Juan de Gazteluguatxe, built in the X century, if not earlier, on a rugged island joined to the mainland by a bridge. A loooong winding rough path from the parking lot leads to the 231 step ascent. I decided to act my age and go no further.

Mundaka, the spot famous for its unique surfing conditions, was next. We'd been there in 2010 on a rainy day. This time we had a wonderful sunny day.

Finally, we were able to find a good parking spot for the huge van in Gernika, and thus spend an hour seeing the famous sights: the Assembly House; the famous oak trees--the old stump and the young live one; and the replica of Picasso's Gernika.

2013 Circle Tour cyclists visit Gernika

 After that many stops, it is not surprising that the riders passed us!

That evening we enjoyed a lovely dinner together at the same restaurant as last year with the added pleasure of guests from a nearby town--a former student of mine with her husband and three-year-old daughter!

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