Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Circle Tour 2014--Day 8

Day 8, June 18To Mauleon, France

Ha! The route map (linked above) indicates it should take 50 minutes by car. I wonder how long it will take the riders over that hilly terrain.

It is beautiful countryside, sheep abound! The view somewhat hindered by fog, haze and rain.

In this blog post from last year you will see us leaving our accommodation in St Jean and moving on to Mauleon.

P.S.: The ride today from St. Jean Pied de Port to Mauleon did indeed take longer than 50 minutes but definitely was our shortest ride so far. The cyclists took a longer route to avoid the climbs. I think they were deferring to Chelsea on her last day. The van took the high road with the breath-taking scenery, though for Laurie heights are quite scary.

 As we drove into Mauleon, so much was familiar (all the places in the above-linked post), and yet there is always something new to see. 
We went up to the old fort to look over the whole city. I had not been up there before. Amazing view.
Last year I did not notice the fronton--the wall for the Basque ball game, one in every town. When we went out for a walk later, we saw children there playing pelota or jai alai.

 The cyclists arrived mid-afternoon. 

 Not too long after, we said goodbye to Tate and Chelsea who fly back to the US tomorrow. The Rush family left to spend a couple days in Paris. Our group has shrunk and that is sad, but we are so grateful for the days we've had together.

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