Thursday, April 16, 2009

God our Refuge

I was reading Joshua chapter 20. God's chosen people are settling into the promised land, receiving their assigned territory, building cities and fortresses. They were to include six neutral areas, cities of refuge, for the protection of any who had killed unintentionally.

It occurred to me that if we had such areas, my consuegro (co in law, son's FIL) would not be serving a life sentence, well, at least not in a state penitentiary. Read/hear/see his story []. It was a drug related crime, "he struck his neighbors unintentionally [unknowingly]...he did not hate them beforehand [the key]"

Of course, even if we had cities of refuge, he would still have to remain there till judgment before the congregation, and the death of the high priest.

As it is he must stay where he is. The gloriously redemptive part of the story is that GOD Himself is his refuge, his redeemer, who has turned his life into a beautiful example. Many are being drawn to Kingdom life.

There may not be any literal cities of refuge, but God is our Refuge. Run to Him and be safe!

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Kristie said...

I just met a man last Saturday that was ministered to by my father while he was at Indiana State Prison in 2002! What an encouraging and special blessing that God would allow our paths to cross. Thanks for your blog.