Saturday, April 11, 2009

Project 365: Holy Week

Semana Santa is celebrated in a much bigger way in some other countries.
For me not much was different from other work weeks, not even time off for Viernes Santo.

Here you have a few chosen glimpses.
Monday night meal at son Stephan's, Karen was the chef this time, and yummy chimichangas were on the menu. These wooden moose adorn their counter; they came back with them from Alaska. Aren't they cute?

Fragrant spring flowers brighten our front flower patch.

And loads, literally LOADS, of narcissus/daffodils/jonquils grow more abundant each spring. Believe me, we have every variant listed!
The daughter brought in a load last Sunday, then arranged and wrapped a bouquet for each one attending our fiesta.

There were still so many left so I gathered another heavy load Tuesday because there was a freeze advisory.

The sun shone through the next day. What a beautiful setting for Bible and breakfast!

There were many joyous moments with my kiddoes this week. They have really enjoyed the puzzles I bargained for at the ESL conference, and we've all learned a lot.

Here's a puzzler for you: Who is this cute little boy all dressed up for Easter?

What are you all doing on this Domingo de Resurrección?
May you be blessed beyond measure in your spirit and soul, whether you are all decked out or not!
For more Easter specials go check out the other Project 365 albums at Sara's place.


Elizabeth said...

those moose are adorable and so many beautiful flowers... wow!

Kim said...

Love, love, love all the flowers! Will Ivan know who's in that old picture? He's out visiting with some men this morning, but I'll have him look when he gets home.

shelia said...

The flowers are gorgeous! I just love this time of year.

Do you teach at that how you know ms. jenna? my daughter went there too! :)

Becky said...

Mooses are one of my favorite decorations. And those flowers are gorgeous!

rita said...

Don't know what blog-response etiquette says, but here goes an answer to Shelia's question:
I did teach at IWU until last April and, yes, that is where I met Jenna. We were in Mexico twice together also.

sara said...

the moose are so cute!

and those flowers!! absolutely beautiful!

Ok, whose in the picture?

TCKK said...

The flowers are beautiful!!!

Dena said...

Great pictures! I love the bible and flowers shot. Gorgeous!