Friday, April 17, 2009

Tapestry of Martyrs

Modern Day Martyrs
Only a few days ago I wrote about the Armenians martyred in Turkey back in the early 1900's. Later I came across a Voice Of the Martyrs offer for a DVD about three Christians murdered two years ago today in the office of a publishing house in Malatya, Turkey. The believers, including the widows, responded with love.

The story is not over. Their sacrifice continues to bear fruit. God is designing a beautiful tapestry, or quilt, if you prefer that popular art.
And for those of you who are quilters, or wannabees, there is a great giveaway going on right now at Park City Girl's place.

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Lhoyt said...

You'll remember the Hadjadourians in Córdoba. They had firsthand knowledge of the persecution you mentioned in your earlier blog. I always wished I could have picked their brain and learned more about that, as I am convinced that knowing the past is the best way to avoid repeating it.