Thursday, April 2, 2009

Everlasting Father

Happy Birthday, Daddy! Today is my Dad's birthday: four score and eight.
He has been a wonderful Daddy, kind yet firm, hard working and faithful, a minister of the Gospel all his life.

Because of Daddy's exemplary life, I have never struggled with the concept of a heavenly father, near and dear. I call on Him at all times and talk to Him readily, my Everlasting Father.

Look for other Names of God and let us praise Him together!


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Grandpa! Thanks for posting the picture... I cant wait to see him the end of May when Kathy and I come out to Indiana.

Lhoyt said...

It has never been very easy for me to give out compliments, but I was thinking just yesterday of the contributions of Dad. I'll never forget how he gathered his boys (the male youths in the church) and did Scripture memorization with us and how, instead of trying to entertain us, he encouraged us to work right alongside him.
Thank you, Dad