Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 17: Flowers and the Future

I am so grateful for Project 365!
Ah, if it weren't for Sara's idea, encouraging me to keep a record of daily memories, would I take time to blog at all in busy weeks?

For a record of the progress of spring: our one and only tulip and the ever increasing hostas.
(Does anyone out there have any idea what could have happened to the 100 bulbs I planted?)

Two bouquets to show off further varieties springing forth.

My favorite are the ones with delicate peach.
It occurred to me I should have a record of the schools I visit.
Here's where I spend most of my time.

This is the view as I walk in...

...and the door of the classroom.
This week the honor roll poster went up.
For one student it was his first time, and another worked to see his photo there again!

This first school I visit every day.

And the one I go to only two afternoons.
Next year it will be closed.

Our lives are changing. Retirement is near. What lies ahead?
The sunrise as I left to run a 5K with DIL.

Surprisingly, I did NOT walk, even though it was longer than I ever remembered!
Yay! We both won awards in our age categories!
That's right, we were ahead of all those slackers who didn't show!

"Run in such a way as to get the prize" is a favorite.
It applies to all of life.


Sharon said...

the case of the disappearing tulip bulbs:
Little woodland creatures love to munch on tulip bulbs but not on daffodils. I think I read that if you plant them inside a ring of daffodil bulbs they are more likely to survive.

Kim said...

LOL Loved your final comment about being ahead of the slackers who didn't show.

Tulips are nice, but I like daffodils better :-)

Darla said...

i have never seen peach daffodils! those are so pretty. i have yellow ones growing in my yard and they are really common to me. i am so proud that you ran 5K! that's awesome!

Anonymous said...
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