Saturday, May 2, 2009

Week 18: Project 365

End of an Era, New Beginnings
The train I mentioned earlier seems to be permanently parked on the bridge symbolizing the end of an era. It has been that for us too, as Mike ended his employment, a new beginning for him.
He is thoroughly enjoying his new freedom to do what he enjoys, not necessarily to slow down.
I have struggled more over the decision.
Last Sunday I led Junior Worship and this was the theme verse:

I know God will guide me because
"Ebenezer=thus far the Lord has helped us."
I can trust Him and His ways.
"...only let the Lord establish His Word."
I want to be sure of His guidance re. when to quit my job.
This week we had ISTEP testing.
On the fourth day, after the last test, I was able to get away for lunch with former students and colleagues, a delightful time to catch up with one another and reminisce about old times.
This is one of my best students, now a university instructor!

The last bouquet...

New life springing up everywhere...
Every day I discover a new variety.
The hostas and other perennials have come back stronger than ever.

Today is a first for the "Gone to Pot" era.
Last Sunday we borrowed niece's kiln. By 'we' I mean I went along with Mike to pick it up.
He repaired it, set it up in the garage, filled and fired it up!

Hopefully it will be successful.
This self-taught potter learned that sawdust-firing only works as a second step.
Unfortunately he had already lost more than half of his pieces as seen in these photos.

What has everyone over at Sara's place been learning?
Check out their photos for the week.


sara said...

great pics! I am so sorry he lost most of his pieces. that is one thing I would love to learn.....someday!

Dena said...

I love your pictures, especially of the hostas and other plants. I so wish I had a green thumb, but it just isnt meant to be, so I enjoy seeing flowers/plants/gardens that others have thriving.

LuAnn said...

Great pictures this week. The pottery is neat.
Blessings this week!

Lisa said...

So thankful for the perennials coming back! There is hope! Great verse, too.

TCKK said...

Great pictures. My mom did pottery too until the nerve disease she has took away the strength in her hands and she can no longer throw a pot. She was getting pretty good too!

God is so good to always guide us when we listen!

Kim said...

Went into Cordoba today to pick up a sign we'd ordered and arrived home just in time for the meeting. So I'm just now sitting down to look at all the Project 365 photos.

I knew you'd borrowed Tina's kiln but I had no idea it was that big! Filling that will keep Mike good and busy :-)

Of course you know we're praying that God will clearly direct when you should retire. Even if you don't, is there a chance you'll be coming to visit sometime during our first term?

Elizabeth said...

Uncle Mike makes some amazing pieces... I look forward to seeing many more.