Thursday, May 28, 2009

My very first bloggy award!

This award is to thank people for leaving comments. "They are beautiful people who practice blogging etiquette by visiting or visiting back, and leaving nice comments. Their observations are apt and helpful. It's a pleasure to have them as commenters on my posts...."

That is how I feel about the person who passed it on to me, my dear SIL, Just a Southern Girl. I can always count on a response from her, like an ongoing conversation. I think we have grown closer since she moved as far away as another continent, due to this daily communication.

The award definitely made my day. But who can I pass it on to? We are asked to mention five faithful visitors to our blog. The only ones who speak up are mostly the same ones she listed. How do I get the other readers to come out of the woodwork, show their faces, confess to this blog-addiction, maybe even say something apt and helpful? Perhaps a Giveaway for my Blogoversary in August, but what? Or sooner, for my 100th post. Oh, that is my next one!

Anyway, dear readers, thank you and come again!

And to my few and valued commenters: I love hearing from you!


Mari said...

Hi Rita - thanks for visiting my blog today. Congrats on the award!
It's nice to meet a relative of Kim!

Kim said...

Hey, you could give away one of the cool pieces of pottery that Mike's making for your 100th post!

Tina mentioned you all stopped on your way through to a funeral. Relative of Mike's? Safe travels!

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