Sunday, May 17, 2009

Project 365: Week 20

Photo Ops

I must confess I do not have a photo for every day, but I did make up for it on other days, and will have to go over the count to do justice to everything I want to share. In fact, I am going back to Saturday a week ago, to include a memory of grandson Malachi's game, especially considering the name and subtitle of my blog--A Grandma's Reflections!
So when we left the game, in the fifth or sixth inning, his team was losing, no miracle in sight. However, we had a phone message later of the 'miraculous' comeback where they were going to win by one run, but the other team's last minute 'miracle' put them ahead by one. Still, that was a triumph.

We decided to redeem the KFC 2 pc Grilled Chicken meal giveaway. Turns out we had to get a rain check.

Speaking of meals, Monday Night Meal at Stephan-son's was, once again full of fun and laughter. We took a new acquaintance, a relation--cousin's granddaughter, who is a student at the nearby university. Hopefully the hilarity was not too much to handle and she'll be back.

Part of the fun came from a Bible name discovered by Chef-son. It appears that the famous Jabez may have had an ancestor who inspired his great prayer for blessing because she had a pony, even if it was a small one. Well, read it for yourself.

FYI, family members, this is Bethany Gehman, daughter of the late James Gehman the younger. She grew up in Venezuela and will be going to Korea later this summer.
I've been enjoying the beautiful Mother's Day gift outside our den window.
Mother's Day celebrations continued when I joined my mother Friday evening at her church's annual dinner. The meal--potato bar and desserts; music--bells by mothers and daughters; inspirational talk--the Egg Lady, Emma Fretz.

She has created intricately designed pieces out of eggs of all kinds and sizes, over 9,000! The one she is holding up here is her own 50th anniversary special. Actually that is only the inside of the special egg and it folds up, accordeon-like into the shape of an egg. Each photo frame is cut egg shell. On one side are wedding photos and their children, and on the other side they are the center and their ancestors on either end. Fascinating!
She made a special valentine-egg for her husband each year, each one a different theme. Some have to do with Pooh Bear because that was what she called him. Her love name was Sheepy. So sweet!

As you look at these, try to imagine what surprise she has built inside each egg. All of them have a door that opens up to a delightful vista.
She currently has five students. This lady, from Argentina, I might add, was exhibiting her work for the first time.

And here is another special lady, my lovely niece wearing her after-wedding-ceremony dress. Not her wedding, mind you, but that of her best buddy growing up. She will be standing up as Best (wo)Man, dressed in more manly attire! Fortunately she did not have to attend the groom's bachelor party.
I know we will be hearing more about today's event, in a roundabout way, from her mother, my SIL, Kim from Just a Southern Girl.
I spent the night at Mother's and came back just in time to tidy up the house for Mike's cycling club friends' cookout. It had been raining until early afternoon, but the sun came out just in time for a lovely time outdoors.

It is time to jump over to Sara's and check out what everybody else has been up to this week!


sara said...

I miss being at my kids ball games!!

those eggs look so neat! I wish I could see them close up. I have one that has a blown glass swan inside!

I have never heard of a girl being best (wo)man...I think that is so great!!!

have a wonderful week!

Kim said...

I've always loved Emma's eggs! They're so intricate, delicate, beautiful...I didn't realize she took on students. Hey, let's talk Sharon into taking lessons so she can make us beautiful eggs :-) She's already so talented and artistic, a few lessons with Emma and she'll be cranking out lovely gifts for her SILs :-)

Thanks for posting the photo of my DD -- I'm anxiously awaiting news and photos of the wedding!

Elizabeth said...

great picture of you and Grandma...
some day I would love to have a cook out area like you do...good times!

Becky said...

Those eggs are awesome! What a gift to be able to create something so special and intricate.

Esthermay said...

omigoodness! I made that photo of the eggs large by clicking on it and just ooo'd and ah'd over it. Precious and delicate and beautiful! What a lovely collection. THAT is talent.