Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom

Commit your works to the LORD,
And your thoughts will be established.

Proverbs 16:3 (New King James Version)

I started writing this yesterday, but could not finish for lack of time.
No matter, this verse has been with me all week and hopefully will become a way of life.

The timing was perfect. I came across this promise the day of a big meeting with the program directors at work. My colleagues and I had been dreading this evaluation. I went in with confidence that God would indeed bring to mind what to say and how to contribute to the conversation. And so it was. Knowing that this event was in God's hands, I believed that my thoughts were ordered by Him and then spoke up confidently.

The next day this handing-over-to-God exercise led me to yell at an adult responsible for making sure the child got to school. It worked!

What will happen next?
Life with God is truly an adventure.


FrankD48 said...

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rita said...

¡Qué sorpresa se va a llevar Dorita!
Dora Jencquel
Avda. Italia 1245 .4to. "C"
Tigre, Buenos Aires 1648
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Kim said...

I will look forward to seeing a photo of my daughter in her new finery :-) Deluxe baked potatoes are a favorite; sometimes we'll make a meal out of those with a salad.

Isn't it wonderful how God continues to teach us? Thanks for sharing what He's been teaching you.

Beautiful fall day here. Sun's shining, it's warmer and there's a brisk breeze. We've been cleaning house this morning (meeting is at our house this week again) and then we're going to take off and do some exploring. Who knows where we'll end up!