Saturday, May 23, 2009

Project 365: Week 21

Birthday Week

It was a significant birthday, milestone-type, but low key.

I make the executive decisions re. family get-togethers, so I chose to include my BD celebration along with fun and fellowship at Monday Night Meal, i.e. I got to use the red Special Person plate instead of a throw-away disposable paper plate. What I do have to dispose of, send away a.g.a.i.n, is my camera. The mode switch got stuck, just when I was about to take a picture of my special plate laden with German-theme food.

This week's photos, by necessity are hazy cell phone shots, except this first one, my husband's photography. I think he titled it: "Look what just happened!" Truly amazing, from one day to the next, such a glorious unfurling!

Anyway, I decided the first thing you ought to see when you open my blog is this beauty.

In the middle school classroom, we've had a world map puzzle in process for about a month. It went through various stages and we almost gave up on it. It was most difficult to assemble, not becuase there were not enough clues, but because the country area pieces do not lock together. A great learning tool--the country facts are in alphabetical order in the blue water areas. The biggest lesson I learned was: always read the directions, or suggestions, in this case. The note on the box said, Begin with the frame and the oceans before attempting the continents. Now we know.
I have tried to broaden their horizons. They used to think Mexico was the only Spanish-speaking country, so I put up my map of Argentina and the flag. Sometimes we have discussions or arguments about the meanings of certain labels--Hispanic, Spanish, Latino, white vs. Mexican.

BTW, May 25th is a big patriotic holiday in Argentina, another reason for including this photo at this time.

Found this next picture on my phone, obviously not my doing. One of my 7th graders must have picked up my cell phone.

My granddaughter took this one. I'm wearing the outfit she helped me pick out for my birthday.

And here she is with her mother. Can you tell which one is which? Aren't they cute?

Another mother and her young. Can you see the goslings? The weather has been lovely. We've enjoyed walks, jogs, bike rides. The lake nearby is gorgeous.
So, hurry over to Sara's place. She's waiting!


Elizabeth said...

I hope you get your camera back soon... I cant imagine being without mine... Happy Belated Birthday!

sara said...

me too....I would be lost without my camera!! yea for cell phones!!!

Happy birthday!! sounds like it was great!!!

We just did a 3D world puzzle, but ended up giving up on it....the water was too much for us!!

Dena said...

How would we have survived this project without cell phones (since I forgot mine most of the time)? HA!

Happy birthday! I love your birthday outfit. Very nice!

Kim said...

I feel for you, the months we were without a camera were so hard!

Yay for 25 de mayo!!! Next year we're going to try and go to the big doings in Los Reartes where they have a festival with folklore, horses, etc. Looks like an Argentine version of the county fair only without the rides :-)

You look quite smashing in your "birthday suit" LOL Sorry, couldn't help myself. K did a nice job helping you pick it out.