Tuesday, May 26, 2009

About my man...

We rode our tandem 11 miles yesterday, had a nice breakfast and rode back. Very enjoyable start to Memorial Day!

As we sat in the restaurant waiting for our food, we reminisced. Five years ago I was going through a time of transition and riding the interview rollercoaster. That thought sparked a great many memories--things about my man I had never heard before. I borrowed a pen from the waitress. (Note to self: Never, ever, ever, ever leave home without pen or pencil!)

Here, on his milestonish birthday, are the new bits I learned about my husband:

He has had very few job interviews, yet has always had work.

Looking back, he was surprised to realize what good opportunities came up soon after graduating from high school--jobs that paid $11 an hour back then! His genius was already at work designing, inventing.

At Oster, in Racine, he was involved in calibrating electrical zero for the horizontal situation indicator used on jets. They had an aeronautic section back then.

Then at American Aeronautics, in Milwaukee, he worked on control systems. There he remembers inventing, designing a device for measuring reverberation (how long it takes for sound to die away).

At the time he thought he wanted to study engineering and work on astronautical instruments.

His Sunday School teacher challenged him to go to a Christian college and there his life path took a different direction.

Other lowlier jobs:

--delivering newspapers

--Water & Sewage plant maintenance

--Spartan (competitor to K-Mart, back in the boxes-in-the-aisles days), assistant manager.

--washing dishes in college

A look back in time confirms characteristics and habits that remain and define.

My man

--is a hard worker, has always worked

--is a genius, always designing/inventing/creating

--ever resourceful,

--always in great shape

Once, at Spartan, he didn't have a way home, so he ran the 11 miles.

He's still running to this day and/or riding his bike!

Happy 65th!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday to Mike! Hope he's enjoying celebrating this milestone :-)

Elizabeth said...

It was good seeing you both yesterday... and again Happy Birthday Uncle Mike...

Lord willing we will see you guys on Friday when we pick Dad up from Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Lhoyt said...

I see so many ladies participating that I sometimes feel like I'm intruding in forbidden territory. That doesn't mean I don't read your blogs, and I have to say that you, Kim and my daughters are extremely encouraging, when I see how you are not ashamed to compliment your spouses. You are a real complement to them, and that is the way it ought to be. Thank God for each of you.

Your bro.