Sunday, May 10, 2009

Project 365: Week 19

Happy Mother's Day to Sara, our Project 365 hostess, and all of you bloggy friends!
I can't wait to go over and see what you've done this week. However, I may have to delay gratification till after I've thought about lesson plans for tomorrow. The weekend was busy and today we went up North to visit my mother. Here are some of the cards I created for special mothers in our family.

Things that made me smile this week...

...or laugh! Monday night meals at Chef's turn into hilarious fun times.

Our South African friend, Chris, and son Steph (nicknamed Chef since college) are constantly teasing and joking. Fiancée, Rachael, is about to lose it! Chris flew back to SA for a few weeks to sort out visa issues. 'The beautiful one', as we call her will join him right after graduation to meet his family. Then back here together for the wedding in August! I'm sure they will appear in my blog again and again.

The growing patches of lily of the valley make me happy. The starter plants were given to me years ago for my birthday. It is my birth month flower and a favorite!

These granddogs usually show their exhuberance by jumping on me. This time they were confined. Their curiosity made me smile.

I invited my daughter to join the fiesta with the middle schoolers and lead a piñata decorating session. Everyone enjoyed the process and the creative results.

The younger grandboys spent a night. Among the many happy activities and photos, I chose the pottery-related moments. Elijah is brushing glaze on his little pot.

And Malachi is having his first try at the potter's wheel with brother and Grandpa looking on (and Grandma from above).

Happy moments and many more to come. This week the decision to retire became very clear and my heart welcomed the prospect! Thank you to all those that prayed that I would know with certainty.


sara said...

What an awesome weekend!!

those cards are so fun and personal...great gift!

those pinatas are so cute!!! I always enjoyed making those when I was in school.

Hope you have a good Monday!

fransmomma said...

i love the dog picture!

Kim said...

A full week :-) Lily of the valley is one of my favorites; when we had the little house in Winona Lake, we had them all along one side of the house.

I'm excited as you contemplate retirement and what that will look like for you and Mike! MUST schedule a visit to come see us :-)

Elizabeth said...

I am sure Uncle Mike is having a great time with all his free time...
Looks like you had a full, fun filled week...
Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

beckyjomama said...

Love all your family togetherness!!