Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weeks 13 & 14: Catching up on Project 365

Spring break started out working on a remodeling project at my parents place. We took grandson Skye to help out.Skye and great grandma playing UNO.

The new handicap-accesible shower

The second half of spring break we went on separate vacations: the guys primitive camping; granddaughter and I to the hills of NC, rainy the whole time, still beautiful.

As we were driving, led by the GPS, we passed right by cousin Ed's college so on the way back we stopped by and enjoyed a couple hours with the little family, which includes a lively 3 yr. old.

K took a lot of scenery photos while I drove.

The sun rarely broke through the clouds.

We also listened to two audio books: one a classic in English lit by Robert L. Stevenson (I'm still filling in the gaps in my out-of-the-country education), and then End of the Spear.

This powerful true story bridged our two generations. I lived it in my adolescent years, as did the whole world who heard the news of the five martyred missionaries.
Together we shared the rest of the story.

Then it was back to work and school.
For me it means meeting daily with a variety of groups, ages, and backgrounds.
Most families' heritage is Mexican, others are from the Philipines, China, Haiti.

On one sunny afternoon, I walked with my friend and her pup on the greenway,

until her wheels caught the rocks on the side and grounded her.
Her grandson came to the rescue.
Was it Patches who steered her off the road?
Thursday after school, I drove to parent's place again, for Dad's birthday.
When asked how old he was, he said: "One day older than yesterday."
A funny thing happened: I tried to play the birthday song without music, with disastrous results.
I think Dad may have laughed more than if I had done a perfect rendition!

The latest news is that he has been discharged from rehab and is home again!
While mother prepared for his homecoming/birthday celebration, I was consumed here with preparations for welcoming former and current students to our place for a Koch-out!
The rainy weather forced us indoors where we played Catch-phrase, Apples to Apples and pool.
It was amazing to watch this happening bilingually!
Here the current and future presidents of the Spanish club.

Oh, and they brought a piƱata, one of the highlights for the kids.
Now go catch up on the other Project 365s.


Kim said...

What great photos! I loved the one of K and her umbrella; a perfect shot of your vacation! We love listening to books on tape when we're traveling. Have you heard of I had a gift certificate from there and was able to get several books to download to my iPod.

It's starting to cool down here. I'm currently in my warm jammies, warm robe and covered with Ivan's lap quilt while I get my early morning fix of blog reading :-) Monday mornings are always nice 'cause most of the family is doing 365 so there's lots of photos to check out.

Elizabeth said...

What a great week... the new shower for Grandpa looks great... thanks to you all for putting the time into fixing the house up.
I have only ever listened to one book on CD and I couldnt handle it. I don't know if it was the reader or what but I just couldn't get into it.

sara said...

great week in photos!! Loved the uno shot...we enjoy that game and love family times like that!!