Thursday, February 3, 2011


I came across an article in the February issue of Latina magazine that reminded me of our Adventures in Europe and prompted this, yet another post to continue the long and drawn out story. Stretching it out may be a way of staying connected and never forgetting the places and the people we met.
In the section the good life: TRAVEL, 3 Winter Getaways, one of the recommended destinations for latinos is "San Sebastian, Spain" (Donostia, in Basque), p 50.
WHY YOU SOULD GO: This small city in the Basque countryside offers a diverse cultural scene that includes great in-city beaches, water sports, clothing shops and festivals. Best of all, San Sebastian is a foodie's delight: It boasts more Michelin-starred restaurants and chefs than any other city.
In a previous post, I began to tell of the day we spent there focusing mostly on the beauty of the bay view and the beaches. And on another occasion I mentioned one restaurant meal in San Sebastian with our hosts and an American couple that live there.

The article by Gary Ford, webmaster and owner of, goes on to talk about what to do to work off all the food you'll be eating. He suggests a weekend surf or stand-up paddle course (surfing with a paddle). We found walking, walking, walking the best way to exercise and experience the city.

Our host and guide led us from the hill-top down through the wealthier neighborhood along the beach around to the old city and back.

Franco's Summer Residence

Town Hall
Old cities are built around the center plaza.

Can you see the whistler entertainer on the left? More street musicians below.
Narrow streets and ornate churches add to the old-city charm.
The author's Travel Tips: "If you visit during the late spring or fall, the weather can be quite wet and cold, so make sure to pack enough warm clothing."

We were there in late spring and were not prepared for the cooler weather. The locals, who know better, never leave home without a jacket or sweater and an umbrella. 


Lhoyt said...

Do you happen to have a picture of the road in San Sebastian as you come thru a tunnel and into that area? I've seen an ad on TV for Land Rover cars, and one of the background panels it is shown against is, if not that actual place, a very real lookalike. That was my first impression of Spain as we came in early in the morning.

Kim said...

Lovely, lovely place! There are just too many places I want to go :) Might just have to enjoy this one vicariously through your posts. I really like the last photo especially, cool perspective!