Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Leah!

30 years ago

20 years ago

 10 years ago

Birthdays, and life in general, have not been easy for Leah.
She is a survivor, a fighter, and has overcome many a battle.
Only recently did I learn how difficult birthdays can be for the adopted one--
a reminder of the abandonment. 

The first photo is very telling. 
Leah remembers hiding under the table during her birthday celebration on the ship, to get away from the confusion of celebrating the day she was left behind.

The second photo was taken only a month after we moved into our new home.
I can see the saw still set up in the solarium, and no deck visible out the window.
However, there is a beautifully set table to celebrate Leah, 
even in difficult times.

Today Leah has a more positive outlook. In her words:

This Day

This is the day I came to be
This is the day you left me
All the good that followed, I can see
But it still affected me
This is the day I came to be
This is the day three people were waiting for me !

February 4, 2011 

 Yes, we were waiting very eagerly for months.
 Stephan always praying for a baby sister.

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Oldfangled said...

I love that bottom photo. I am glad to know Leah! Happy birthday, sil!